What to Buy for Baby

First of all congratulations, for your baby! 

Now, your baby is growing gently and you need to be organized by your side.
Generally, there are so many things available in the market so what to buy for your baby.

Well for simplicity i will categorize this guide into various parts, there are several aspect and categories to be followed while buying the product.

The baby product is mainly categorized to clothing, feeding, moving from one place to other as well as sleeping and products related to extra activities.

Let's get organized.

Clothing Products:

First of all, go for comfort rather than looks, don't hesitate to spend money on same branded and durable clothes wich may last longer and allow freedom to explore and move.

1) Shirts (5-6): Make sure there is enough room at the neck side which can easily pass from the head while dressing your baby.

2) Single piece outfits: They are very convenient. Jammies are best while sleeping and playing. At the earlier age, you may encounter frequent diaper change so make sure buy the outfit which has a lower zip or pulls down all the way to the bottom.

3) Mittens and Hats: Broad hat will be the smart choice which can cover a lot of areas prevent it from the sun.

4) Booties: Booties will be a nice and protective choice for outdoor activities.

5) Pull on pants: These have a grea advantage over single piece outfits. You don't have to replace the whole garment instead replacing only one piece when changing is a need because of dirtness.

Diapering Products:

1) Diapers and Diapers bag: Make sure you use some kind of reusable cover or paddind with the diaper.

There may be chances that you need to change a diaper for 10 to 12 times, so make sure you plan accordingly. You don't to end up with using new diaper per change so that's why using a reusable cover may be the nice hack for you. Make sure you have a proper diaper bag for organizing diapering of your baby when you go outside. Take a couple of diapes along with the reusable cover. Wipes also play the important role so not to forget to add them as well.

2) Wiping and wipes: No need to buy new piece until you can't manage. Any soft cloth along with a warm water can make your jobe done.

3) Changing table: Generally, people don't go for this unless you really want to be a very organized mom in your house. Changing the diaper on a specific table make this department a separate one. While you still can use your bed, or towel on the floor as a changing pad.

Moving Products and Gear:

1) Baby Stroller: Picking up your baby on your hands or holding him on your Back in not a good idea neither comfortable. A good stroller will be a best while walking the the town. Buy the stroller according to your need, don't go fancy with latest designs unless you are not tight on budget. Some strollers comes with add-on functionality and lots of pockets and add one where you can keep all the stuff related to your baby like water bottles pocket, diaper holding a place, 2 clothes back up area etc.

2) Double stroller: If you have twins then these are the best in business. i have seen few parent keeping two babies in one single and comparatively large stroller without any compartment. This is not recommended instead buy a double stroller. Both babies will be separated from each other. Additionally, you will get more and separate places to hold equipment's of both babies separately. They won't fight if they generally do. If one is drinking is another one is not, then double stroller will keep them separate, Or get messed up with your twins to keep them in a single stroller.

3) Baby carrier: If you don't want to buy stroller which obviously takes lots of space then the baby carrier is the best options. Unlike olds days you will get some advance and very durable carrier in the market. They are confortable and made up of good quality of materials which will provide great comfort while carrying your baby.

Feeding Accessories/Products:

1) Baby Bottles: First of all see The BPA free Ratings Printed on the bottles. BPA or phthalate-free bottles are the first thing you has to avoid while buying them. BPA is bisphenol and most of the parents insist that their bottle wo't have it.
If your baby is newborn, then 200ml or 4-ounce size is best but as your child grow you may need to buy 8-9 ounce bottle for your him.

2) Milk bags for brest: Few doctors and parents decide to not to feed artificial milk instead using the normal mother milk but in bottles. So these bags are used for this purpose only. With the use of milk bags, you can directyl pump the milk from mom's nipple to bottle.

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