Top 10 Tips for Running With Double Jogging Strollers

Nothing beats being safe regardless of what one does. It becomes more important when you want to run with strollers. To ensure your safety and that of the baby, adopt these top 10 tips for running with Strollers the next time you hit the road:

1. Consider Your Baby's Age: If you have a child under six months, ensure that you use a car seat adapter for your baby or babies. This ensures the stability of a baby's head and neck as it reduces the chance of the baby getting bounced around too much. If a car seat adapter, avoid running with a baby under six months.

2. Lock The Front Wheel: It is safe to lock the front wheel in place to prevent the strollers from turning suddenly. As a result, you do not crash or fall.

3. Strap Your Baby: Once you strap your child with a harness, there is no fear of the baby falling out or getting shaken. A harness prevents the child from reaching out and getting fingers caught in the wheels.

4. Do Not Run Near Cars: Bike paths, parks, and sidewalks are some of the best places to run with  strollers. Such areas take away the worries of being stuck in traffic or running near cars.

5. Avoid Running Hands-Free: The idea of running hands free may be appealing but it is risky. It is possible for the  strollers to run away from you. You definitely do not want to put the life of your child and anyone around you at risk.

6. Schedule Runs: It is preferable to run before nap-time. Your baby is most likely to go to sleep following the movement of the strollers as you run. This is better than running with strollers when your baby is hungry and unlikely to sit comfortably.

7. Control The  Stroller: Always be in control. There is no need to run too fast and not be able to stop the stroller if the need for it arises.

8. Respect Race Rules: If you take part in a race that allows running with  strollers, make sure you adhere to the specific rules they issue. This is the best way to be assured of your safety and that of the baby.

9. Observe The Weather: You have to protect your child from the elements. If the weather is cool, make sure to bundle your baby up. You may get warm as you run but the baby will not. If the day is warm, however, do not overdress the baby. Observe the weather at all times in order to dress your child appropriately.

10. Mix It Up: A toddler or preschooler may get restless in a  strollers. You can scale this challenge by allowing for a little break. Let them out to play for a bit in order to keep them happy and comfortable.

As you go for a run with  strollers, adopt these tips to keep yourself and the baby safe.

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