6 Tips On How To Get Your Baby To Sleep Through The Night

6 Tips On How To Get Your Baby To Sleep Through The NightSleepless nights tend to be a rite of passage for most new parents; you tend not to have a good night sleep as soon as you bring your newborn home. But, do not despair; there are quite a number of ways to ensure that your baby sleeps all night. Most newborns sleep nearly 16 hours or more per day. This duration is rarely noted since it stretches throughout the day. Most babies sleep at least 5 hours at a time and in some cases even 10 hours per day. All you need to do for your baby to sleep through the entire night is encourage good sleeping habits. In most cases, the middle of the night feedings tend to disrupt the baby’s sleep especially during the first few months, but do not despair, your baby will soon be a good all-night sleeper if you consider the tips listed below:

Encourage vigorous activity throughout the day

So long as your baby is awake, ensure that you engage him/her in various activities like singing, talking and even playing. Once you stimulate engaging activities during the day, then you are assured of promoting better sleep for your baby during the night.

Ensure you follow a consistent bedtime routine

Try relaxing bedtime routines that your baby will associate with sleeping. These activities could include singing, bathing, playing slow quiet music, cuddling or even reading a bedtime story. As soon as your baby associates these activities with sleeping, they will have no problem sleeping throughout the night.

Always put your baby to bed a bit drowsy but still awake

This will ensure that your baby always associates his/her bed with the falling asleep process. Once your baby is conversant with his/her bed as a sleeping zone, they will not have a problem sleeping throughout the night. All you have to do is ensure that you place your baby on his/her back for comfortable sleeping. You can check our guide: Best Crib Mattress.

Always give your baby time to settle down

Most babies tend to cry or fuss before they find a comfortable position to sleep in. If the crying and fussing do not end after a short while then you need to speak to your baby calmly while stoking his/her back. In most cases all a baby needs so as to sleep throughout the night is your reassuring presence.

Try keeping night-time care on the low-key

If your baby tends to demand night-time care, ensure that you use dim lights and a soft voice just to ensure that your baby knows it’s time to sleep and not play time. This will keep your baby from waking during night-time care hence promoting all-night sleep.

Avoid sharing a bed with your baby

In most cases sharing a bed with your baby can keep them from having an all-night sleep. If you want to keep your baby close to you throughout the night then consider placing their baby’s bed in your bedroom.


If you want to get your baby to sleep throughout the night, you need to understand all their habits as well as their communication cues. Once you are conversant with your baby’s habits and communication cues you are in a position to make them better all-night sleepers.

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