Is Bleach Safe in Humidifiers?

The inside of a Humidifier is typically moist for a very obvious reason - water. It contains water which does not flow making it open to be contaminated by bacteria.

To prevent the risk of having mold form in its interior, different folks employ several measures to achieve this aim. This brings up the question: Is bleach safe in Humidifiers?

​Follow Instructions:

Do not just go for the use of a bleach on your unit just because you learned that certain folks do it. It is proper for you to read the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

You may find that the manufacturer of your unit expressly forbids the use of bleach. In such a situation, to avoid the risk of damaging your humidifier, you would then go for an alternative to using bleach.

Safe Use Of Bleach:

As long as the manufacturer of your unit does not forbid the use of bleach, it is very safe to use it in a Humidifier.

In fact, as far as disinfecting a Humidifier goes, the use of bleach is most ideal. Using it on a regular basis helps to kill any mold that may want to grow inside your unit. If molds grow inside your unit, what you get is mold spores being blown out instead of the intending moist.​

​The Process:

The use of bleach in Humidifiers is safe. However, it has to be done safely in order not to result in any harm.

The first thing to do is measure a half cup of bleach and pour it into a gallon of water. You can then pour this mixture into your Humidifier.

You need your Humidifier to mist which means you have to run it for this purpose. When you find out that there is mist, turn it off and allow the bleach solution to remain in the unit for several more minutes. This process should kill any mold that may want to form inside it.

After giving it the time to allow the bleach solution to do its work, empty it out. Follow this up by pouring water into the unit for rinsing. Allow the water to run for several minutes.

You can stop running the water when you no longer smell bleach in the mist of the unit. Once you are sure the smell is no longer there, rinse the humidifier again. It is after this that you may now fill the Humidifier with the clean water required for you to safely use it.​

What To Avoid:

Part of the reasons for using bleach in your humidifier is to have it smell very clean.

You must however avoid the impulse to add bleach in the water of your unit while it is in use. You can only do this when it is not in use. The major reason is to use it to kill molds and not to add it while in use to improve the smell of your unit.​

Even when you clean out your Humidifier with a bleach, make sure you do it outside to allow for proper ventilation.

This is to avoid irritations that may occur when you inhale bleach mixture from the misting vent of your unit. This is quite risky to the lungs.

Why it is best to do it outside is to prevent accidents. There is every chance that while using the bleach a drop or two may drop on your rug or carpet and bleach.

So, the answer is yes to the question: Is bleach safe in Humidifiers? What you have to do is take proper precautions.​

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