How To Stop Your Baby From Crying

How To Stop Your Baby From Crying

One of the main frustrating challenges new parents face is soothing a crying baby, especially after you have done all it takes to ensure that the baby is comfortable. This includes feeding, changing and basically pampering the baby with love. Calming down your newborn baby does not have to be quite a challenge. Outlined are tips on how to stop a baby from crying.

Feed your baby

Most babies tend to cry when they are in need of being fed. Always feed your baby with milk or soft foods depending on the age. Avoid substituting food with water or juice. Feeding your baby miraculously calms down a crying baby. However, you may need to burp your baby after feeding so as to discourage gas build-up that may result to your baby crying. Gently bump your baby’s shoulder after feeding till they burp.

Offer your baby something to suck on

Babies tend to have a natural reflex of sucking. Some babies even begin sucking their thumbs while still in their mother’s womb. Most babies find sucking their fingers or a pacifier quite soothing and this can be reason enough to stop your baby from crying. You can even offer your baby your clean pinkie finger for them to suck.

Consider taking your baby outside

Taking your baby outside for some fresh air really works magic when it comes to calming a crying baby, not only does the change of environment and movement help in soothing your baby it will also calm you down as well. Most babies stop crying as soon as they feel the fresh air and are carried away by the new environment.

Be keen on the allergies

Nearly 2-3% of babies tend to develop allergies to milk protein. This results to stomach pains, gassiness and fussiness. So long as a baby does not feel comfortable, they will always cry and hope you get the message. Consider checking for symptoms like vomiting, loose stool, irritability and gagging. Once you spot these signs consider consulting a doctor since your baby might be having some allergy issues. Once you have dealt with the allergies you will have dealt with any irritation that may result to your baby crying.

Try zoning your baby out

Babies tend to be overwhelmed by new realities like people, smells and noise. Introducing your baby to something new can miraculously calm down your crying baby. This zones your baby out and keeps them from crying since you will have directed their attention to something else.

Take keen consideration on your baby’s diet

Stomach pains and bloating can result in an uncontrollable crying baby. There is so much a baby’s digestive system cannot handle since it is still developing. Consult your doctor on the best foods for your baby so as to get rid of digestion issues, hence ensuring that your baby remains calm.

Cuddle with you baby

At times, your baby may cry just to get your undivided attention. You may be surprised how calm a crying baby can get as soon as you hold them in your arms. Cuddling with your baby can be an ideal solution when it comes to calming down a crying baby.

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