How To Make Yourself Have A Miscarriage

How To Make Yourself Have A Miscarriage

Pregnancy is quite a fulfilling moment in every woman’s life. However, sometimes complications tend to arise during pregnancy and at times even lead to miscarriages. A miscarriage can be one of the most devastating experiences any pregnant woman has to experience.

Realizing that pregnancy will not end up in celebrating the arrival of a new family member can be really devastating. The complications and the pain that also accompany miscarriages can also be terribly unbearable alongside all the physical as well as psychological side effects. No woman envies experiencing a miscarriage during the pregnancy period, but there are some instances whereby a miscarriage is the only way out. There are quite a number of reasons that can result in a woman having to induce a miscarriage. Some of the reasons can be due to the fact that abortion is illegal or simply the family not supporting the fact that she wants to get rid of her pregnancy or because she just wants a simple non-controversy way of getting rid of her pregnancy among so many other reasons.

Regardless of the case, it is advisable for women to realize that there are safe ways to cause a miscarriage. However, if you intend on inducing a miscarriage it is advisable to ensure that you conduct it during the first trimester; it is safer during that period. The more developed the unborn baby the more the complications and vice versa. Outlined are methods on how to make yourself have a miscarriage.· Medically induced miscarriageIn most cases conducting a medically induced miscarriage requires a doctor’s instructions and observation. This is due to the fact that a medically induced miscarriage automatically becomes a miscarriage. In this case, a lot of care is demanded especially in the case of any difficulties after the abortion drugs have been administered. Make sure you get the pills prescribed by a doctor so that you can successfully induce your miscarriage without having to risk your life and overall health the process.

Vitamin CFor quite a number of years, women have used Vitamin C to induce a miscarriage. This is a method that has been adopted since 1970’s. Various research, as well as publications, have also supported the working of Vitamin C in miscarriage-inducing. Vitamin C contains ascorbic acid that has the ability to ensure that conception does not take place; this is achieved by the ascorbic acid making the area around the uterus unfavorable, hence preventing implantation. This then results in a miscarriage. However, do not take more than 6,000mg of Vitamin C per day. · Black CohoshCohosh does not have a taste that is pleasing the taste glands but is an effective miscarriage inducer. Cohosh fuels your uterus and also ensures that your body is in a position to produce oxytocin which plays a major role when it comes to inducing labor. This herb has also been used by doctors to induce labor. However, as much as this drug is quite beneficial if over-used it can be quite toxic. Do not consume more that 40-80 mg of cohosh per day.

Cinnamon plays a major role in stimulating the uterus which in return helps in inducing a miscarriage, it also eases any pain that may come with the miscarriage. You are however advised never to cook the cinnamon spice as this gets rid of all the miscarriage-inducing components that are required for a successful miscarriage-inducing. You can consider consuming cinnamon supplements since they are quite potent. · ParsleyParsley is a herb most people use on daily basis and can also act a miscarriage inducer. Parsley is known to have quite a high Vitamin C content and this makes if very effective when it comes to inducing a miscarriage.

You can easily consume parsley tea (the concoction you get from immersing a bunch of parsley in boiling water). You can take this concoction several times a day till you get the desired results.· Dong QuaiFor quite some years, herbalists have advised people to take dong Quai for circulation improvement, menstrual pain relieving as well as ease most reproductive health complications. The dong Quai can also be used as an effective miscarriage inducer since it stimulated the uterus which in return induces contractions. You can comfortably take dong Quai combine with herbs like cohosh or even make tea.

It is advisable to seek a doctor’s guidance concerning the right amount of dong Quai your body can take to ensure a successful miscarriage. · Caffeine A recent study revealed that caffeine can also be an effective miscarriage inducer. Apparently, women who consume more than 200mg of caffeine per day stand a higher chance of experiencing miscarriage as compared to women who avoid caffeine. However, too much consumption of caffeinated drinks does not always result in a miscarriage. You could still end up delivering a baby with a high breathing rate or with a quick heartbeat or worse have a stillbirth. Make sure you consume between 200-500mg per day to be on the safe side and to also get the desired results.· CrabAs much as crab tends to be an unstructured animal, it has several nutritional benefits. However, they are not advisable as they could induce miscarriage in pregnant women.

This is due to the fact that crab has nutrients that can shrink the uterus hence resulting in a miscarriage. However, if your aim is to induce a miscarriage, then the consumption of crabs can give you the desired results. · Green PapayaQuite a number of research have revealed that green papaya can be an effective miscarriage inducer.

This is because green papaya contains prostaglandin and oxytocin which can induce a miscarriage since they are essential when it comes to delivery preparations. ConclusionAs much as all the methods listed above seem like methods you can use without the help of a doctor, it is always advisable to consult a doctor when it comes to inducing a miscarriage. This is the only way you can be certain that the method you settle for is not only safe but reliable as well. Consuming any miscarriage-inducing herb above prescription can result to serious health issues or even death. Always consult a doctor just to be sure of your own safety.

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