How to clean a Humidifier Filter

The major problems which Humidifiers are known to have resulted from uncleanliness of its filters. To get the best out of your Humidifier, you need to ensure at all times that it is kept clean. This process prevents it from getting contaminated with bacteria as well as build up some harmful mineral dust.

Since this is so important, knowing how to clean a Humidifier Filter is very essential. Here is how to go about the cleaning process:

1. Unplug The Humidifier: The first thing to do in order to avoid the unwanted story of a mild shock is to unplug the device from its electrical outlet. This is followed by the emptying of the water tray. Remember that the water in the tray is stagnant which is what bacteria needs to contaminate the device. This is why it is necessary to empty the water tray of its content.

2. Remove The Filter: To do this, you need to follow the set of instructions found in the instructor's manual. There is a need to avoid damage to the filter of any kind. Therefore, follow the instructions given by the manufacturer to remove the filter. Not every instructor's manual call it a filter, some may choose to go by the name 'filter wick'. Whichever one you see, they both mean the same thing.​

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3. Prepare Your Mixture: You would be required to mix an equal part of vinegar and water if you intend to clean the filter as quickly as possible. Vinegar is known to clean filters very fast. Make sure the mixture is in a container that is big enough to contain the filter. Gently place the filter into the container and allow it to soak properly.

4. Soak It Completely: Truth is, Vinegar cleans a filter quite fast but you would need a minimum of an hour to achieve this purpose. Do not be in a hurry to bring out the filter until a minimum of an hour is gone. By this time, the filter must have been thoroughly soaked just the way you want it.

5. Inspect The Filter: After the minimum of one hour, you can bring out the filter from the mixture. Take time to inspect it for grime and deposits. If by any chance you still see that the filter is not as clean as you want it to be, place it back into the container and give it some more time.

6. Properly Rinse It: After the Vinegar-Water mixture has cleaned the filter, use clean water to rinse it well. Do not be in a hurry to place the filter back into the Humidifier. Give it some time to dry properly after you must have rinsed it. Only place it back when it dries.

7. Repeat Process Frequently: Regular checks should be done to be sure your Humidifier filter is always clean. Either follow the time period given by the manufacturer, or decide to do so on a weekly or monthly basis. You could also decide to keep a close eye on the filter and clean it just before it builds up mineral dust.

It is important to always keep the filter of a Humidifier clean in order to have it last and function properly.​

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