How to Choose a Stroller for Twins

Twins are a bundle of joy and a delight to behold. Care is always taken when purchasing any item for them. It is no different when it comes to choosing a stroller that will conveniently carry your twins as you take a trip downtown. Here are some factors that you will need to consider as you decide on the stroller to get for your twins:

- Type of stroller: Two types of strollers readily come to mind – one that seats the twins side by side and the other that seats a twin in front of the other.

The side by side stroller allows the twins to enjoy the same view with an option of reclining their seats to a most comfortable position. Most of them are light and fold more compactly than the other type of stroller. It is best for wide and open spaces for easy navigation because of its wideness. It is not suitable for newborn twins if you desire to travel in a car with them because it does not accommodate two car seats.​

The one that seats a twin in front of the other, also known as inline or a tandem, can navigate through the narrow spaces in a small store as an instance. It can also accommodate two car seats making it suitable for newborn twins.

It allows for different sitting positions like the twins facing each other, both facing their parent, or both backing their parent. Before you buy this type of stroller, you may need to confirm if it will fit into the boot of your car because it is usually bulky and does not fold compactly like the side – by – side stroller. It also does not recline as much as a side – by – side stroller.​

- Length of use: the rate at which you use a stroller is quite different from the way another parent does. This is why you should buy a stroller that suits you. If you intend to use a stroller on a regular basis, then you will need to invest in a high-quality stroller. It will be an added advantage if you can choose a stroller that can carry a child that weighs as much as 15 kilograms. If you do not intend to use it regularly, then you need not invest much on it. This factor depends mostly on how much budget you have for a stroller.​

- Determine what you want from the stroller: What you want from the stroller will determine the kind of stroller you will buy. While a lightweight stroller will be good if your intent is to be able to quickly set up the stroller and run errands; a jogging stroller will be most suitable if you want to go on a stroll or jog in the countryside.

- Performance: There are many features that each stroller has. Similar to determining what you want from a stroller, the kind of practical gear you want will play a role in your choice of strollers.

Do you want one that has a food tray for feeding your twins with snacks, or do you want one with a hood and a rain cover because you will be spending most of your time outdoors? Little things like these determine your choice of stroller.​

- Test-Drive the Stroller: Having chosen a stroller based on the performance you require from it, what you need it for, among other things, it is still good to test-drive it.  This will give you a firsthand experience of what you need. If it fits into your budget and requirements, then you pay for it.

This is how to choose a stroller for your twins that will be comfortable for them and offer you a good level of convenience.​

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