Things To Consider When Buying Jogging Stroller

A jogging stroller is not meant to only carry a baby comfortably, it is designed for the parent to exercise with. This is why you do not just pick any jogging stroller within sight.

There are things to consider before buying a jogging stroller and they include:

- The wheels:  This is important because you do not want the wheel of your jogging stroller to shoot off in a direction different from where you are headed. It is best to go for a fixed wheel if you want to jog or run with the jogging stroller.

There is an option of a locking swivel front wheel. Though this front wheel type can swivel, it has been improved upon by attaching a locking mechanism that prevents the front wheel from turning at will. For safety reasons, do not use a front wheel that swivels without a locking mechanism if you want to run.

The wheels are usually three in number, unlike your normal stroller that comes with four equal wheels. They resemble the tires of a bike which makes it easy to move on different surfaces like grass, sand, and gravel.​

A good jogging stroller has adjustable tracking which keeps the front wheel running straight regardless of it being a fixed or a swivel locking front wheel. It acts more like the jogging stroller's front end alignment.

- Tires: The area where you intend to run with the jogging stroller will determine what kind of tire you will need. If the ground you will run on is rough or slippery, it is best to use bumpy tires because they will have a good grip. If on the other hand, you intend to jog in a crowded area, the kind of tire that will work best is the smooth one.​

If you plan to run or jog off-road, a fat tire is needed because of the uneven surface. A thin tire will work best on a road that is hard and flat.

- Spokes and rims: These are found inside the tires. They support the jogging stroller as well as keep the round shape of the wheel. It is either made of plastic or metal. The metal rim is more durable than the plastic one. The spokes ensure that the baby has a smooth ride. Getting a stainless steel spoke will ensure that it does not rust easily.

- Suspension: The suspension is also important because it is what absorbs the shock. A good shock absorber should not affect the other parts of the jogging stroller apart from the wheels that bounce up and down.

The shock absorber are typically found on the two rear tires. It is rare to find it on the front wheels.

- Brakes: There should be two brakes. The first one slows the jogging stroller down while the second one keeps it from rolling away if you take off your hands.

It is also advisable to look out for a jogging stroller that has a foot brake. While handbrakes are only found on jogging strollers with a fixed front wheel, a parking brake is found on all jogging strollers. So, whenever you want to catch your breath, it is best to apply the parking brake.

- Seats: The seat should be very comfortable for the baby.

- Handlebar: The handlebar may be adjustable or not. Adjustable handlebars allow the parent to share the handlebar with someone else, or adjust the handlebar to a position that fits best. If you can get a fixed handlebar that fits you, there is no need to use an adjustable handlebar which may seem to be shaking.

- Canopy: Since you will be outside with the baby, canopy consideration is important. The canopy should cover the baby adequately.​

- Folding: There are two ways of folding. The one that folds automatically at the push of a button. The other is folded with both hands.

-Storage: When you go out with a baby, you will need to carry some items like diapers along. So, storage is one important feature that has to be considered.

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