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Is Bleach Safe in Humidifiers?

The inside of a Humidifier is typically moist for a very obvious reason - water. It contains water which does not flow making it open to be contaminated by bacteria.

To prevent the risk of having mold form in its interior, different folks employ several measures to achieve this aim. This brings up the question: Is bleach safe in Humidifiers?

​Follow Instructions:

Do not just go for the use of a bleach on your unit just because you learned that certain folks do it. It is proper for you to read the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

You may find that the manufacturer of your unit expressly forbids the use of bleach. In such a situation, to avoid the risk of damaging your humidifier, you would then go for an alternative to using bleach.

Safe Use Of Bleach:

As long as the manufacturer of your unit does not forbid the use of bleach, it is very safe to use it in a Humidifier.

In fact, as far as disinfecting a Humidifier goes, the use of bleach is most ideal. Using it on a regular basis helps to kill any mold that may want to grow inside your unit. If molds grow inside your unit, what you get is mold spores being blown out instead of the intending moist.​

​The Process:

The use of bleach in Humidifiers is safe. However, it has to be done safely in order not to result in any harm.

The first thing to do is measure a half cup of bleach and pour it into a gallon of water. You can then pour this mixture into your Humidifier.

You need your Humidifier to mist which means you have to run it for this purpose. When you find out that there is mist, turn it off and allow the bleach solution to remain in the unit for several more minutes. This process should kill any mold that may want to form inside it.

After giving it the time to allow the bleach solution to do its work, empty it out. Follow this up by pouring water into the unit for rinsing. Allow the water to run for several minutes.

You can stop running the water when you no longer smell bleach in the mist of the unit. Once you are sure the smell is no longer there, rinse the humidifier again. It is after this that you may now fill the Humidifier with the clean water required for you to safely use it.​

What To Avoid:

Part of the reasons for using bleach in your humidifier is to have it smell very clean.

You must however avoid the impulse to add bleach in the water of your unit while it is in use. You can only do this when it is not in use. The major reason is to use it to kill molds and not to add it while in use to improve the smell of your unit.​

Even when you clean out your Humidifier with a bleach, make sure you do it outside to allow for proper ventilation.

This is to avoid irritations that may occur when you inhale bleach mixture from the misting vent of your unit. This is quite risky to the lungs.

Why it is best to do it outside is to prevent accidents. There is every chance that while using the bleach a drop or two may drop on your rug or carpet and bleach.

So, the answer is yes to the question: Is bleach safe in Humidifiers? What you have to do is take proper precautions.​

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Top 50 Best Baby Shower Games

One of the most memorable experiences an expectant mother can experience before they get to hold their baby in their arms is baby shower games. One of the best ways to ensure that the experience remains memorable for the rest of their lives is by planning the party thoughtfully. Before engaging in any baby shower games,it is advisable to have everyone present for the baby shower introduce themselves. This not only helps people to familiarize themselves with each other, it also helps people to identify the mother-to-be. There are quite a number of fresh and fun baby shower games that can make that baby shower experience to be one of a lifetime. Outlined are top 50 best baby shower games.


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1. Don’t mention baby

Start this icebreaker as soon as your visitors walk through the door. As they walk in greet them with a diaper pin, the diaper pin is supposed to be worn on the shirt. Once all the guests have arrived and are settled, tell them that no one is supposed to say the word ‘baby’  for the duration of the baby shower. If anyone gets to hear someone else utter the forbidden word, he or she is at liberty to take the rule breaker’s diaper pin. At the end of the shower or the game, the person with most diaper pins wins a prize.

2. Guess the baby game

For this game to be a success you need to set it in motion as soon as you start sending the invitations to your baby shower. Ask all the guests to come with photos of them as babies. As your guests arrive ensure that you assign each of their photos a number and post the photos on a wall. Then give each guest a chance to guess which picture corresponds with which guest. Once everyone is done making their guesses, give a prize to the guest who gets the most matches matched up.

3. Guess baby items in the bag

This is one of the most practical baby shower guessing game. Have a diaper bag and put ten most common and useful baby items in it. Give each guest a paper and a pen before you start passing the diaper bag around. Then start passing the diaper bag around, each guest should stick their hands in the diaper bag without looking and try identifying as many items as they can and noting them down. Give each guest, at least, two minutes with the diaper bag, before handing the bag to the next person. Once everyone has had a chance with the diaper bag, find out who has the most correct item list. The winner gets to win a price and the diaper bag is given to the parents to be.

4. Mommy and daddy’s secret

If you are looking for a fun and at the same time touching game for a baby shower, then this is the game for you. Ask the mom- and dad-to-be some questions and ensure that the significant other is not in sight. Some amazing questions could include, “Would you love a boy or a girl?” “Where were you when you got the good news?” and so many more, ensure you are as creative as possible and make the questions interesting too. Once both to be parents have had a chance to answer all the questions bring both of them into the room and place them on the hot spot. Ask them the questions again but, this time, they are supposed to guess what their partner answered before revealing who is right and who is not. This is a lively game whereby everyone is a winner.

5. Dirty diapers game

No one loves the sight of dirty diapers, but what would be the case if the dirt on the diapers was actually candy? Funny enough, even with candy being the dirt this game is still gross but fun. Have different types of melted chocolate candies like caramel-filled, creamy, nutty, milky and so on. Then place the melted chocolate on the baby diapers and pass the diapers around. Let everyone sniff and lick the  ‘dirt’ on the diapers. The person who makes the most correct guesses on which chocolate brand was in each diaper wins a prize.

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6. Guess the baby food

Gather around ten different baby food flavors, number each jar and get rid of the labels. Then ask each guest to take a spoon and start sampling all the baby food. The guest who has the best taste buds and is in a position to make the highest number of right guesses wins a prize.

7. Guess the mother-to-be measurements

Pregnancy is most probably the only time you get a chance to talk about a woman’s increased size and waistline. So, why not have fun with that rare chance? Have a ball of yarn and a pair of scissors. Have each guest cut a piece of the thread that they think corresponds to the mother-to-be belly. Ensure none cheats by trying to estimate with their body. Once everyone has cut a piece of the thread, give each guest a chance to measure the thread they cut with the mother-to-be belly. The person who has a string that comes close to being the ideal size wins a prize.

8. Drink up, baby!

If you are looking for a game that will fit all ages, then this is the ideal game for you. Have a baby bottle equivalent to the number of people in your party and fill them with beverages of your choice. Then give everyone a full baby bottle and ask them to suck all the contents of the baby bottle on the count of three as fast as possible. The person who gets to suck their bottle dry first wins a prize.

9. Diaper derby

Divide your guests into groups and hand each group a roll of toilet paper. Make the groups aware that they have only five minutes to wrap one of the group members with a mock diaper. The group that has the best diapered ‘baby’ wins. The best part about this game is having to see a grown up in a toilet paper assembled diaper, you won’t be in a position to stop your guests from laughing.

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10. The Lip picking nipples game

If you are looking for an ideal game for men at your baby shower then this is the game for you. All you have to do with this game is, arrange a row of several large buckets and drop a couple of baby bottle nipples in each bucket. Then have each guest get down on their knees, hands behind their backs and bob for as many nipples as they can using their lips in the set duration of time. Once the buzzer goes off the person who will have managed to pick most nipples wins a prize.

11. Birthing babies

There are two incredibly fun ways to play this game. You can ask your guests to guess when they think the baby is due or you can use ice cubes with frozen tiny babies in the middle. For this game to be a success you need to set the wheels rolling the night before the baby shower. You will need to freeze several ice cubes with tiny plastic babies in the middle. When your guests arrive and are settled drop an ice cube into a cup of water and give each guest a cup. As time goes by, the ice will begin to melt and the baby will be getting close to its due date. Whoever gets to have the baby first wins a prize.

12. Baby price is right

Purchase several essential baby items, and then write the prices of each item on blank note cards and the name of the item on the other side. Gather all the guests in one room and play like it’s done on TV shows. Get to show the guests the price of the item and they get to guess what baby item could cost that prize. The guest who has the most right guesses wins a prize and the parents-to-be gets to keep all the baby items.

13. Place the baby on the mummy

This is one of the most fun and classic baby shower game. Draw several pictures on a spin-poster and ensure that the mum-to-be is part of the profile. Give each guest a cut-out picture of a baby and then blindfold them. Spin the picture and then give each guest a chance to place the baby cut-out picture on the spin-poster. The person who gets to place the baby cut-out closest to the mum-to-be picture or actually on the picture wins a prize.

14. Sloppy diaper relay

If only changing a baby’s diaper could be a team sport. Set up several dolls with diapers and divide your guests into teams. Blindfold all the guests the set a timer. Once you give the word, the guests are supposed to remove the already in place diaper and replace it with a new one while blindfolded and in the shortest time possible. The team that completes this task first wins the medal.

15. Fed the baby

This baby shower game will get your guests making messes, drooling with food and laughing uncontrollably. Give each guest a large bib and divide the party into two groups. Give each group a jar of applesauce and two small spoons. Then blindfold the guests in pairs, when blindfolded have them feed each other the applesauce at the same time till it’s over. Time both groups and the group that uses less time wins a prize. The best part about this game is having to watch grownups spill and dribble all over themselves.

16. Diaper raffle

On average, a newborn poops and pees enough times to use almost 70 diapers in a just one week. As crazy as it may sound, this is absolutely true. This is why this baby shower game is the best for the parents-to-be. You will need to note in your invitation cards that guests will be raffling off amazing prizes at the baby shower. All they have to do to get a raffle ticket comes with a pack of diapers, the more packs of diapers they bring the more raffle tickets they will get. By the end of the baby shower, diapers will be jam-packed into any available space. Long after the party, the parents will be silently grateful with every clean diaper they get to use.

17. Tickle in the pot

Everyone knows how running to the toilet every thirty minutes is part of the being pregnant package. This game gives each guest a chance to share this experience with the mother-to-be, but in a fun way. Arrange empty jars on one side of the room then on the other side, line up several guests and give each one of them a balloon and a quarter. They are supposed to blow up the balloon then place the balloon under their shirts. Then, tightly place the quarter between their knees and race to the empty jars while still holding the quarter between their knees. Once they get to the jar they are supposed to ‘pee’ by accurately dropping the coin into the mouth of the jar. The guest who successfully makes this potty run first wins a prize.

18. Baby Dec-a-Cake

Before the baby shower, have several cupcakes baked and randomly drop one plastic baby in one cupcake. Then, at the shower, offer your guests the undecorated cupcakes and give them candies, baby decorations and frosting for the decoration. After everyone is done decorating their own cupcakes, the mother-to-be gets to select her favorites cupcake and the one in charge of the picked cupcake gets a price. Then reveal that one of the cupcakes is secretly ‘pregnant’ and the one that finds the baby will be next to have her own baby.



19. Jog your memory game?

This is an interesting memory game. String a clothes line across a room and hang several essential baby items. Midway through the baby shower, unhang all the items then ask the guests to write down, in the correct order, all the baby items that had been hanged. The guest that gets the order right or even gets close to the right order wins a prize and the parents-to-be get to keep the items.

20. Baby face game

Here you have to place colored headshots of mom-and-dad-to-be on a piece of paper with the outline of a baby’s head. Then ask the guests to make their own baby face by cutting off various features like ears, eyes, mouth and so on from the photos and place them on their baby’s head outline. Once everyone is done, have the mom-to –be pick the best-looking baby and thus determines the winner.

21. Baby bingo

Give your guests bingo-style cards and have them fill in the squares with gift names they guess the mom-to-be will receive. As the presents get unwrapped, the guests are supposed to check of the matching squares. If none of the guests gets a bingo, then the guest with the most gift predictions wins a prize.

22. The pacifier pass game

Divide your guests into teams of 4 or 5 people and have them stand in a straight line and facing the person who is in front of them. Each guest must have a straw placed in their mouth. The first person in the line is the one who will put a pacifier on their straw. When the host says the word “go” the team is supposed to pass the pacifier from one teammate to the other. Without using any hands or contact just straw to straw. The fastest team wins.

23. Place the pacifier in the baby’s mouth

You will need to have a picture of a baby and a picture of a pacifier for all your guests. Then you will need to blindfold all your guests then ask them to place the pacifier in the baby’s mouth. The guest who gets to correctly place the pacifier in the baby’s mouth or even closer to the mouth wins a prize.

24. Whose water breaks first

For this game to be a success you will need to set it prior to the baby shower, you will need to have plastic babies and containers large enough to fit the plastic babies. Then, prior to the party, place the plastic babies into the containers then pour water in the containers then freeze. Once the guests arrive, they will receive a frozen container that has a baby inside. Each of the guests must find a way to break the baby out of the ice fast. Whoever is in a position to get their baby out first wins a prize.

25. Having a baby game

Divide your guests into teams of 4 or 5 and give each guest a balloon. Each guest is supposed to blow up their balloon and place it under their shirts. Once all teams have their blown up balloons under their shirts, they are supposed to try all they can to pop their balloons one after another. The team that is in a position to pop all their balloons first wins.

26. Baby sock game

For this game to be fun you will need several pairs of socks, place the unpaired socks on the floor and ask each of your guests to try pairing as many socks as they can in one minute. The guest, who will be in a position to pair as many socks as possible in the given time, gets to win a prize.

27. Do you know what it is?

For this game, you will need to have several essential baby items and place them in different bags. Provide your guests with a pen and paper and number the bags. Then, randomly pass the bags to your guests and ask them to try and figure out what is in the bags without looking. Once everyone has had a chance to guess what is in the bags, the mother-to-be is supposed to reveal what is in the bags and the guest with the most right answers gets to win.

28. How many baby items can you name?

Provide all your guests with a pen and paper then ask them to note down as many baby items as they can in just five minutes. The guest with the most names gets to win a prize.

29. Baby shower grab

With this game, you will need to have a clothesline and hang as many baby clothes as possible using a clothes pin. Then ask each of your guests to try removing as many clothes as they can from the clothesline using one hand and without dropping the clothes or the clothes pins. The guest who will be in a position to get the most clothes without even dropping a single clothes pin wins a prize.

30. Name tag donation game

Prior to the baby shower ensure that you write name tags for all your guests, the names should be baby related. Once your guests start arriving greet them with a name tag and make everyone aware that they can only call people by the names on the tag name. If any guest happens to call someone by their name instead of the name on the tag, they will have to put money for the baby into a piggy bank.

31. How well do you know the mum-to-be?

For this game to be fun and successful, the host will need to find out as much as they can about the mother-to-be and note down all the questions and answers prior to the shower. Then on the baby shower, the guest will be provided with a paper and a pen and they will be expected to note down all the answers asked concerning the mother-to-be. The guest with the most correct answers wins a prize.

32. Guess her age

This game is quite fun and has the ability to liven up any baby shower. You will need to have as many pictures of the mother-to-be as possible and all should be at different ages. Then provide your guests with a pen and paper. Show the guests one picture at a time and have them note down the presumed age. The guest with the most correct age guesses wins a prize.

33. Baby bucket list

The best part about this game is the fact that, not only is it quite fun, it also gives the guests a chance to give the parents-to-be some sound advice. You will need to offer your guests a pen and a paper and then ask them to note down one thing parents need to do during the baby’s first year. This can be things they would want to do when they get a baby, things they wish they did for their baby or things they think the parents-to-be will enjoy doing with their baby. The bucket list can even involve trips worth taking or just sound advice.

34. The baby name game

This is one of the best baby shower guessing game. All you have to do is provide your guests with a paper and a pen. Then ask them to guess the name you have in mind for your baby in a specific amount if time. You can even make it more difficult by selecting one letter that the name should begin with. The guest who guesses the right name wins a prize.

35. Baby song list

This is quite an interesting game for a baby shower. Provide your guests with a pen and paper each and ask them to write as many songs as possible that have the word baby in the title in 5 minutes. The guest with the most number of songs after the five minutes are over wins a prize.

36. Name that baby tune

This is one of the most entertaining baby shower game since you get to play songs for your guests. All you have to do is play for your guests some baby songs and ask them to guess the name of the song. The guest who is in a position to guess the name of the song correctly and fastest wins a prize.

37. Baby shower memory game

This game involves providing your guests with a pen and paper then ask the mother-to-be to walk around saying hi to everyone. Once she has greeted everyone ask her to go into another room, and then ask the guests to write down everything that she was wearing. The guest who is in a position to remember the most wins a prize.

38. Baby alphabet game

In this game, you need to provide your guests with a paper that has one letter of the alphabet written on it. Then ask them to write any baby related names starting with the alphabet on their respective papers. The guest who gets to write many words in one minute wins a prize.

39. Guess the mother-to-be craving

In this game, the mother-to-be is supposed to describe anything she has been craving for without actually having to mention the names then the guests are supposed to write the name of the foods they think she was describing. The guest with the most right answers gets to win a prize.

40. Guess how many safety pins

This game generally involves filling several jars with safety pins. Each jar is supposed to have a different number of safety pins. Then hold up each jar at a time and ask the guests to guess how many pins are in the jar. The guest who guesses the right number wins a prize.

41. Baby shower trivia game

This game involves the host looking for as many baby shower trivia questions as possible prior to the baby shower. Then on the day of the baby shower, ask your guests the trivia questions. You can make it more fun by dividing your guests into teams, and then have the teams battle against each other. The team or guest that answers most questions correct wins a prize.

42. Finish the baby rhyme

This game involves the host looking for as many baby rhymes as possible prior to the baby shower. Then on the d-day, you can sing the baby rhymes in bits to the guests then ask them to complete the rhyme for you. This game does not really involve competition, it mainly focuses on reminding and teaching the parents-to-be about some of the baby rhymes they can sing to their baby.

43. Baby sketch artists

Who would have ever thought paper plates would serve other purposes? This game involves giving your guests paper plates and asking them to sketch the kind of a baby they think the parents-to-be will get. Then the mother-to-be will get to choose the best sketch and hence determines the winner.

44. Create a baby face game

As the host, you will need to look for as many baby magazines as possible prior to the baby shower. Then during the baby shower, provide your guests with the magazines, scissors, glue and a paper to stick the final result. Then ask the guests to cut out parts of the face from the magazines and use them to come up with a baby face. Then ask the mother-to-be to select the best baby face and the one responsible wins a prize.

45. Times up game

This game involves setting a timer while unwrapping the presents. You can set a 10-minute timer or so. Then let the mother-to-be start unwrapping the presents when the timer goes off the one who brought the present she will be unwrapping at that particular time gets to win a prize. This should be recurring till she is done unwrapping her presents.

46. Baby name combo

This is quite an engaging game and really fun also. The game involves the host writing down the first names of the parents-to-be and their last name. Then the guests are supposed to up with various baby names from a combination of the three names. The names can be restricted to gender or not. The guest who is in a position to come up with various baby names gets to win a prize.

47. Baby name fun

This game involves writing down the name of the baby the parents-to-be are expecting. Then give each guest a paper and a pen and ask them to come up with as many baby names as possible that start with the letters that make up the baby’s name in a specific duration. The guest with the most number of names gets to win a prize.

48. Baby scrambler

This game involves the host selecting several baby essential items prior to the baby shower. Then on the d-day, provide the guests with a pen and paper and then reveal each item at a time and ask them the write the correct spelling of the item. The guest or guests who get all the spellings right gets to win a prize. The mother-to-be also gets to keep all the items.

49. Baby animal name game

This game involves writing the names of various animals of different papers then giving each guest one paper with an animal’s name. Then ask the guest to come up with baby names that have the same number of letters as the name of the animal. For example, if the name on the paper is kitten, the guest will need to list baby names with 6 letters just like the name kitten.

50. Celebrity baby name game

This game best applies to mothers-to-be who are crazy about celebrities. As the host, you can test how well the mother-to-be knows the names of various celebrity babies. You can also involve the guests just to make the game merrier. This game is not really about winning it’s just for fun.

Can You Get Pregnant From Pre-Cum?

Can You Get Pregnant From Pre-CumThere are a lot of questions out there about pregnancy and sex, everybody from young teenagers to grandparents have questions they want and need answered. But, it is often a taboo subject that isn’t discussed in public or in private. Fortunately with the introduction of the internet, information is literally available at our fingertips. So, is misinformation!

The question of whether or not a pregnancy can result from pre-cum alone is a complex question that any simple answer would not do justice. There are a lot of complex process that go into human reproduction. So, we will start from the beginning, clearing up any grey areas as we go.

How Do You Get Pregnant?

In order to achieve a pregnancy, a female egg must be fertilized by a male sperm and then implant in the uterine wall. At least a single sperm cell must be present and come into contact with an egg, but that is easier said than done. The female reproductive system has many obstacles between the cervix and the fallopian tubes where fertilization happens. In normal circumstances, only one in every 1000 sperm cells will even come close. Fertilization does not always mean pregnancy though, several more processes must take place for there to be a pregnancy. Implantation must occur and that relies on several factor such as where in the cycle the female is and the health of both parents.

In fact, with no contraception during ovulation there is only about a 25 percent chance a woman will get pregnant from unprotected sex during ovulation. Outside of this small fertile period, chance dip to about 5 percent chance of impregnation with no other contraception.

So, What is Pre-Cum?

Pre-cum is any fluid a man produces during sex that is expelled before he reaches an ejaculating climax. It is produce in a different part of the body than sperm and presents as a clear fluid from the tip of the penis, typically in the early stages of arousal. It serves a couple of purposes, mainly to protect the sperm passing through the urethra and lubrication for sex.

The urethra of a penis is typically an acidic environment, therefore hostile to living sperm. To protect against the environment, a man’s body releases the alkaline pre-cum to neutralize the environment, increasing the sperm’s chances of success.

Pre-cum is not always present in sexual encounters, the amount produced can vary widely in individuals as well as in encounters. Some men produce none while other can produce up to 5 ml, and the same man can produce varying amounts for seemingly no reason. These variations are normal.

What is the Difference between Ejaculate and Pre-cum?

Though similar in many ways there are a few key difference between the fluids. Location, location, location. Sperm and seminal fluid is produced mainly in the testes while pre-cum is produced in Cowper’s gland, a completely different place in the reproductive tract. Another difference is that while seminal fluid can vary widely in color and consistency, pre-cum is typically viscous and clear. And the final difference is volume, while the typical ejaculation can be anywhere from one teaspoon to three tablespoons (5-45ml) there is typically only up to one teaspoon (5ml) of per-cum in any one occurrence.


Is There Sperm in Pre-Cum?

There have been studies showing that a certain percentage of men in the population do have low-sperm counts in their pre-cum. However, the sperm count on pre-cum is very low compared with the ejaculate itself and only a minority of men experience this, though for those that do it is shown they do so consistently. Of course, these studies are controversial and have always been small.

If a man does not urinate between ejaculations, it is possible for the second round of pre-cum to pick up left over sperm cells from the previous ejaculation(s). As pre-cum flush the ureteral line sperm cells that are left over from the last ejaculation get swept along with it. This situation is easily avoidable by simply urinating after every ejaculation.

The Pull-out Method

The pull-out method of birth control is whenever the male pulls out of the vaginal canal before he ejaculates. This is a difficult method to use as its success relies heavily on the man’s ability to correctly and effectively pull out each and every time there is sexual intercourse. When used correctly, the pull out method can be up to 96 percent effective, but unfortunately this is rarely the case.

In practice, the pull-out or withdrawal method is the birth control method that is the least effective, coming in after condom usage and ovulation tracking, at only 73 percent effectiveness against pregnancy and no protection against STI’s at all. Condoms are the only available protection against STI’s.

Another issue with this method of birth control is it puts all the responsibility on the male involved and young women in particular need all the empowerment they can find in this area of life. Using some other form of primary birth control such as the pill, shot or IUD can give woman a level of control and confidence that they have not previously experienced.

The easiest answer is yes. In certain situations and with certain partners, a pregnancy can absolutely occur from pre-cum, though the chances are very slim. In these cases sperm is always present for some reason, whether the male produces it as a regular component of his pre-cum, he did not urinate between ejaculations or some other strange circumstance.

If you are trying to get pregnant, you should not be relying on pre-cum to achieve your goals. More certain and easier ways to achieve pregnancy goals. If you are trying to keep from getting pregnant any other method of birth control gives you better protection and more control than relying on your partner to pull out and hoping that there are no sperm cells present.

There is a lot of misinformation available on the subject of pregnancy, just like everything else in the computer age. Make sure to make yourself and your health a priority. Don’t take chance with your future and don’t put your future in someone else’s hands.