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Why It’s Worth It To Invest In A Quality Stroller

There are lots of strollers to choose from in the market. This means that investing in strollers is not as easy as a walk in the park. The challenge of having different types of strollers to choose from will not be a worry once you know why it's worth it to invest in a quality stroller. The reasons are:

1. Longevity: Cheap strollers do not last as long as quality ones. The build of a quality jogging or double jogging strollers prevents it from vibrating or wobbling excessively as you jog with it. Since your baby is likely to use the strollers for some years, investing in a good stroller that lasts will save you a lot of money, time and resources in the long run.

2. Daily Exercise: Your desire to exercise does not have to suffer because you need to stay at home and look after your kids. Investing in a good strollers makes it possible for you to go for a jog with your baby or preschoolers. This can be a motivation for you to go for a jog almost every day. As you keep your body in shape, the kids will also have a lot of fun and take in some fresh air when you go out with them.

3. Great Functionality: Cheap strollers offer the bare basics. While this may seem affordable at the time, the features it lacks will tell in the long run. A good jogging strollers come with an adjustable handle bar which can be set to suit the height of a parent as he or she pushes the stroller. Another great to have feature are air-filled wheels. Unlike wheels made of plastic, these bicycle-like wheels are suitable for most terrains. You can find more features in a quality stroller.

4. Convenience: It is important to prioritize convenience and portability when you decide to invest in strollers. The key to having a great experience when you go out with your kids in a stroller is to choose one that offers convenience. Some considerations may include ease of folding it with one hand, not being too heavy, among other great features.

Good Resale Value: A good quality stroller does not end its life cycle with you. By the time your baby grows and has no need for the strollers anymore, it will still be good enough to be resold. It is possible to recoup some money you invested when you sell it as a used stroller. The quality of the strollers will make it remain in good conditions

Although it is not an easy task to pick a stroller from the various types available in the market, your role is to find a balance between the price of a stroller and the value which it offers. Considering that the benefits of investing in a good stroller outweighs the price, it is best for parents to go for it. Put simply, the best way to enjoy strollers is to make an investment in one that has good quality.

Best Baby Food Maker 2017

Most parents ensure that they are in a position to select the best option for their child; this applies from the best baby oil to an ideal baby food maker.

When it comes to the baby’s food, as a parent you aim at ensuring that your baby feeds on the best and most nutritious food and you do not even consider compromising as far as quality is concerned. The most challenging issue that most parents have to face when it comes to preparing baby food happens to be time consumption.

Traditionally, parents used to cook baby food manually in a pot and then later mash them by use of a normal food processor.

However, this does not have to be the case anymore since technology is advancing on a daily basis. There are appliances in the market that are specifically designed for making babies food, they are commonly known as baby food makers.

These appliances are widely available in the market and they are purposely designed to meet all your baby’s needs. However, you need to settle for the best baby food maker for you to enjoy all the advantages that come with a baby food maker. Outlined are factors you may need to put into consideration for you to settle for the best baby food maker in the market.

Well, for you settle for the best baby food maker, you need to know what the best baby food maker entails. The fact that you have decided to invest in a baby food maker instead of buying readymade food for your baby at the grocery store which is quite convenient shows that you are determined to personally see to it that you prepare your baby’s food. The main step towards buying an ideal baby food maker starts with how serious and determined you are towards making personally making your baby food.

Once the interest has been identified, you need to ask yourself if you want to make a lot of food at once then store for later or you want to be making fresh food every time you prepare a meal for your child? Do you have enough counter top space for any size of baby food maker? Do you want an appliance that will do more that make food for your baby, or you simply want a plain baby food maker?

Having the best baby food maker helps in saving the time spent when it comes to preparing your baby’s food. There are various baby food makers in the market; they come in various specifications to meet all the needs available.

This ensures that there are various baby food makers to select from, some mothers are concerned about price, others performance and others capacity. Regardless of your concerns, it is possible to get a baby food maker that meets all your requirements. Outlined are some of the things one has to consider when selecting an ideal baby food maker:

· It should be BPA free

BPA (Bisphenol A) this is an element that is mostly found in quite a number of consumer products. This element can be quite harmful when used to make baby’s food. The best part about this factor is that there are several manufacturers that do not use BPA in the manufacturing of baby food maker. Ensure that the baby food maker you select is BPA free.

· It should be dishwasher-safe and easy to clean

The best baby food maker is one that is quite easy to clean and one that can also be cleaned by use of a dishwasher. If you are concerned about how you will clean your baby food maker then you need to consider a baby food maker that is dishwasher safe as well as quite easy to clean.

· Price

Price is an issue that most mothers put into consideration as baby food makers are concerned. Price in most cases price is normally the main determining factor on whether to buy an appliance or not. Before settling for the kind of a baby food maker you want to focus on your budget. You do not have to strain your budget since it is quite possible to find a food baby maker that perfectly fits all your needs and budget as well.

· Manual or electric

Lately, baby food makers can be electrical or manual. It is up to you to decide the kind of a baby food maker you want whether manual or electrical. In normal cases, electrical baby food makers work faster that a manual baby food maker. As much as manual baby food makers are quite affordable, if you consider the overall quality of the baby’s food and the time used to make the food then an electric baby food maker would be the ideal choice.

· Consumers’ review

It is advisable to consider what other consumers say about an appliance before you purchase it. Consumers’ reviews are very important in helping you select the best baby food maker in the market. This is due to the fact that from consumers’ reviews you are able to learn about all the pros, cons, weaknesses and strengths of any appliance before you purchase it.

You can acquire consumers’ reviews from neighbors, relatives and friends, who may have used the baby maker you are interested in. You can also consider researching online from blogs. This is a sure way of ensuring that you settle for the best baby food maker in the market.

· Warranty and replacement

Most people focus on an appliance that will be worth of their money. One of the best ways to ensure that you settle for the best baby food maker that is worth your money is by ensuring that you check if the appliance you are interested in has a replacement assurance and warranty. This ensures that you do not waste your money on a baby food maker that will not give you the service you expect or anticipate.

Baby food makers are ideal for making sure that making food for your baby is no longer a depressing process. Alongside making the entire process an easy one, there are other benefits that come with using a baby food maker. These benefits include:

· Reduces the cost of buying food

Making food for your baby from scratch is more economical as compared to buying readymade food. If you happen to grow your own vegetables and fruits then your savings will even be higher.

· You are sure about what you are feeding your baby

The only way you can be sure about the kind of food your baby eats is by being the one who makes your baby’s food from scratch. This way you can feed your baby well with all the required nutrients without having to worry about too much sugar, salt or any other ingredients that can cause harm to your baby.

· Your baby gets to eat fresh food

When you have a baby food maker and you personally make food for your child then you no longer have to worry about feeding your child with expired food. This is due to the fact that you will be in a position to make your baby food right before he or she eats, this will ensure that your baby is in a position to enjoy fresh food.

Best Baby Food Makers in the Market

Versatile Baby Food Maker

This is one of the best baby food makers due to the fact that it can perform 5 functions. It can steam cook, re-heat, blend food, warm and sterilize baby bottles. It is baby food maker that has the ability to preserve all the healthy nutrients that are found in food by perfectly steaming then, it then blends to the perfect consistency that your baby needs. This baby food maker saves so much time since it is able to cook as well as reheat two foods at the same time. It is the best baby food maker as far as vegetables, meats and fruits are concerned. With this appliance, you are able to make your own home-made custom blends.

This baby food maker is classified as one of the best due to its key features which include defrosting foods as well as bottles, sterilizing as well as warming both standard and wide-neck bottles, it has 2 effective blending speeds, 2 effective steaming settings, digital controls as well as an LCD display function that also comes with function as well as timer indicators, it is dishwasher safe and also components that are generally dishwasher safe, it is BPA free and has an automatic safety shut-off feature.

Conair Cuisinart BFM-100 Baby Food Maker

This Conair baby food maker is also one of the best due to its unique features which include a blade lock system which helps in effectively holding the blade in the right place while you are pouring contents. It has the ability to steam, puree or even chop food depending on what you want.

It is also a baby bottle warmer. It has an efficient 4 cup work bowl that comes with a bowl so as to improve your food steaming process. It also has a powerful motor that is able to perform all the responsibilities that are supposed to be performed. It also comes with a spatula, integrated measuring cup and a bottle adapter ring. It also comes with an easy to read recipe booklet and an 18 month assured warranty.

The 4 cup work bowl ensures that you are in a position to create any amount of leftover for future use.

All you have to do is store them properly so that you are able to pre-heat them when next you need them. The baby warmer feature allows you to be in a position to warm your baby’s bottles as you prepare their food. This baby food warmer is one of the best baby food makers especially when an infant is concerned.

Beaba Babycook Dishwasher Food Maker

This baby food maker is ideal for all your baby food making needs. As much as this baby food maker is pricey it is worth your hard earned money. It is an ideal appliance especially for parents who prefer giving their children fresh food. This baby food maker is able to cook as well as process fresh preservatives in less than 15 minutes, this means that you have the ability to store your food and later reheat it when your baby needs it.

It also has an auto-shut off feature which is quite effective especially if you happen to forget to shut your appliance off after use. It is also quite easy to use as well as clean. This feature mostly benefits parents since they are able to easily prepare food as well as wash afterward. This means that you are able to spend more time with your baby instead of spending most of your time cleaning the baby food maker.

Generally, this baby food maker is quite impressive since it is versatile, very durable as well as compact. It is an ideal choice for making your baby fresh foods. It's cookbook also offers you with quite a number of recipes that are ideal for your baby.

BabyMoov Food Processor

This baby food maker is one of the best in the market due to the fact that it has the ability to perform 5 functions. It has the ability to warm as well as sterilize baby bottles, steam, blend as well as defrost food. It can effectively cook fruits, vegetables, fish, and meat as well.

It also has an LCD screen that allows you as the user to easily select the function that you are interested in using or require and then press OK. It has the ability to also warm up to 3 bottles all at once. As if that is not enough, it also comes with a baby cookbook and a spatula as well.

It is also quite easy to clean since it is dishwasher safe and the steaming part only needs to be cleaned using water and white vinegar once per month.

Other additional features include visual and sound alarms, an effective automatic switch off feature, a removable tray and 2 baskets that are able to separate the two types of food you will prepare. The best part about this baby food maker is that it is quite safe since it is BPA free. It is an essential appliance that is worth your every dollar.

Best Baby Monitor Reviews: What to Choose

​Hey, Are you looking for baby monitor reviews? You are in the right place.

It is important for parents to keep both an eye as well as ear on their baby to make sure that they are safe, secure and trouble free. This is especially so for first time parents or those who are particularly new and not confident with keeping tabs on their child.

A baby monitor provides the peace of mind to parents as they can hear and respond to any issues that may arise with their baby from another area in the home. If you possess a baby monitor, you will not need to stay in the same room or general vicinity where your child is playing or sleeping for maintaining close contact.

Furthermore, a baby monitor tools are extremely useful devices especially when your child is facing medical or health issues and requires constant supervision and ongoing care. This article will explain the best characteristics to look for when buying a baby monitor, where you can choose one, and will finally review a range of monitors in terms of their defining characteristics.

How to choose the best baby monitor:

When choosing a baby monitor, there are a number of factors you should consider to get the best quality baby monitor for a reasonable price. These include:

  • Choose 900 MHz or higher frequency model. This is important to consider as it will aid to reduce the overall interference and increase clarity.
  • Consider a multi charge monitor. Good baby monitors will have the ability to be charged and powered both with batteries and an A/C adapter. Batteries are useful when there may be a power failure, but also allow you to move the monitor outside away from the plugged source.
  • Find a model that has a very clear “low-battery" light. This feature is all important when choosing a baby monitor. When they run out, of course they will not work, so knowing when you need to charge up the monitor will help with your peace of mind.
  • Get a wireless model. The use of a wireless receiver provides you the widest range of options for coverage and active listening inside and outside the house whilst you are busy with housework or have guests. The best wireless models also include a belt clip which allows you to carry it around with you, no matter where you are in the house.
  • Is it smartphone compatible? For the ultimate supervision of your child, a smart phone compatible monitor allows you to view your child on the move on your phone.
  • Does it have two-way communication? Some brands of baby monitor have a two-way communication network allowing you to talk to and comfort your child from a distance, especially useful for toddlers.
  • An easily audible device. The best monitors will have a clear clarity but also be loud. The louder the volume on the monitor, the easier it is for you to attend your baby, as you will be alerted sooner if the monitor is at a distance from yourself.
  • A sound activated light can be very useful. The monitor will simply flash when it detects a noise from the room that your baby is in. This allows you to keep track of your baby while you're doing various household activities which may drown out the noise of the baby monitor.
  • Does it have a movement sensor on the device? If the sound fails on your monitor, a movement sensor can provide you with an idea of what your baby is up to. Vigorous movement may convey discomfort, allowing you to assess the situation and get to your baby quickly if needs be. This is also extremely useful for the problem of cot death. Being a serious worry for parents, sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS can be easily checked with a sensor, allowing parents to check the breathing of their child and sounding an alarm if there remains no movement for a good amount of time. This emergency precaution is very highly valued and helps health care professionals get to your child quickly.
  • Consider a standard monitor, integrated with a video monitor. These models allow you to tell immediately at a glance where your baby is still resting peacefully. Check for the best models which include higher low-light quality picture options, thus you can effortlessly assess the situation.
  • A temperature gauge can be useful. If a temperature gauge is available on the monitor, you can assess whether the room is too warm for you baby. If so you can then decide whether to move your child or cool down the room.
  • Does it have a night light? Sometimes a baby may be distressed in the dark, the soft glow of a night light can help your baby drift off to sleep, improving your peace of mind, and meaning you may not have such a stressful time attending to your child at night.

Of course choosing the best monitor heavily relies on the opinion of others. The best way to tell whether a model will be right aimed at you besides your child is through using it yourself. Make sure that models can be tested initially when you plan to buy them from a store. It also helps if you know others with baby monitors that frequently use them. This gives you an unbiased second opinion from someone who uses the monitor on a day to day basis.

Furthermore, online comparison sites allow you to check up on the credentials that each baby monitor brand provides. Not only this, but you can easily compare brands for the best price, alongside looking at the comments sections where reviews by customers often rate the baby monitor in question in terms of its specific characteristics such as sound quality, audibility and battery life. The following will be a range of baby monitors, with their features laid out for comparison.


Baby Monitor Review - Samsung SEW-3043W BRIGHTVIEW HD

The Samsung SEW-3043W BrightVIEW HD Baby Video Monitoring System has a fantastic HD Camera with 5.0" Touch Screen Monitor. The camera is remote with a 300 Pan Angle/110 tilt angle, providing a very wide field of vision within the room where your baby will be sleeping. The overall system supports up to 4 independent cameras. The system includes an excellent two-way talk ability with built in microphone and HD Audio so you can communicate with your child when needed.

The invisible IR LEDS for the Night Vision camera extend to a variety up to 16 ft, meaning that a whole room can easily be surveyed for peace of mind. The soft, calming night light soothes your infant in to a peaceful sleep allowing the parents to rest easy themselves; this is made especially easy with 4 Pre-programmed Lullabies within the system which can be played on demand. Also included are feed timer alerts to help schedule care for your infant. A long lasting monitor battery and long range up to 900 feet provides the owner with great versatility within the home. The monitor is one of the most expensive in this list, however the excellent range of inclusions make it well worth the high price.

Baby Monitor Review - Philips Avent SCD630/37 Video Baby Monitor

The Philips- Avent SCD630/37 Video Baby Monitor provides you with the security of a reliable connection with your infant at all times during the day. This baby monitor provides excellent near perfect sound quality with its high frequency connection, but also you can currently get your baby even at night, with a very high resolution 3.5 inch colour display, besides an involuntary IR night vision built in as standard.

Like the Samsung, you can also calm your darling by distantly selecting multiple cradlesongs and via exhausting the built in soft baby nightlight, aiding your child to a peaceful night’s rest. With a 100% private and secure linking, and a series up to >900 feet, the screen is entirely movable and is very easy to use. The monitor can continue voice triggered activating the show and capacity if your sweetie starts lousy.

There stands a long lasting rechargeable parental unit, besides a partition mountable baby unit. LED lights on the device demonstration you once the unit is related and in range to be used, with a useful holdup cordless purpose in case of control disappointment. The whole unit is easy to carry being portable throughout the home, making it a perfect addition.

Baby Monitor Review - Safe Baby Tech

The Safe Baby Tech has a 7 inch LCD display which is far larger than the competitions providing the appropriate dimensions to be gifted to see your baby in full. This high resolution display monitor supports both a regular day mode as well as modern night vision video mode.

Safe Baby Tech's Video Baby Monitors also come with an auto dim feature for sleep mode feature that allows you to turn off the display while keeping the audio activated. A sleek modern high end resolution screen is framed by a crystal clear bezel, providing a stylish look for any room.

This baby monitor comes programmed with the appropriate set up straight out of the box, with a two way talk feature transmitting clear sound to effectively hear your baby. The monitor also has a lifetime guaranteed warranty, making it clear that is will last for an excellent amount of time, easily enough to see the rearing of your infant through.

Concluding remarks

From our review of baby monitors, it is safe to say that a wide range of attributes are on display. However, from those available the Samsung wins it in terms of all out included features, and for what is on offer, the Safe baby tech monitor is by far the best value.

Best Baby Bottles Of 2016

Most parents assume that the kind of a bottle you select for your baby does not really matter. As much as this may tend to be the case, it is not 100% the case especially in some feeding situations. In some cases, the baby can also prefer one baby bottle to another depending on their feeding preference. Outlined is a baby bottle buying guide that will help you ensure that you choose the best baby bottle for your baby.

  • Bottle Nipple Shape

In most cases a mom who intends on using formula-feed only, nipple shape does not really have to be an issue to consider. But for a mom who intends on breastfeeding and occasionally bottle feeding, the shape of the bottle nipple has to be a determining factor. You may consider choosing bottles that have wide nipples that resemble the actual breast nipple. Some babies have quite a difficult time switching from a wide breastfeeding latch to a narrow and smaller bottle nipple.

  • Nipple Flow Rate

The flow rate at which the milk flows from the bottles nipple matters a lot. Some baby bottle brands even offer nipples designed for different flow rates. In most cases newborns prefer nipples with a slow flow so that they are not forced to gulp down their dinner. Nipples that offer a fast flow can also result to tummy complications in newborns. However, as a mom you need not to assume since not all newborns prefer the slow flowing nipples, you may actually need to experiment with your baby so as to be sure of your baby’s feeding preference.

  • Bottle Materials

There are two main baby bottle materials in the market; glass and plastic. Glass baby bottles are slowly gaining popularity due to the recent revelation that some plastic baby bottles actually contain chemicals that can be harmful to the baby. As much as glass baby bottles are quite easy to clean and are also very durable, they can pose risks of cutting both the baby and the mom in case they break. However, there are some baby bottle brands that wrap glass baby bottles with cushy foam or silicone so as to prevent breakage. If you are still for plastic baby bottles then you do not need to worry about chemicals flowing into your baby’s dinner since there are quite a number of BPA-free plastic baby bottles in the market today.

  • Bottle Shapes and Vent Systems

Some babies tend to swallow more air as they eat as compared to others and other babies are plagued by tummy complications more than others. Babies who are fussy after meals can best be suited with baby bottles that have an air-vented system or angle-shaped bottles. These bottles are ideal for reducing the amount of air getting into your baby’s tummy as they are feeding hence reducing after-meals fussiness. If you happen to select a baby bottle that has a uniquely odd shape, it is advisable to check if you require a dishwasher or if you will need to purchase a special bottle washing brush.

  • Drop-In Bottle Liners

If you barely get the time to wash your baby’s bottle after feeding or you mainly would love to avoid all the cleaning that comes with bottle feeding, then you may need to consider drop-in bottle liners. These are plastic bags that perfectly fit into some baby bottle systems and they can be thrown away as soon as you are done feeding your baby. All you have to do is wash the bottle nipple as well as slightly rinse the other parts. Some babies tend to swallow less air when using this kind of bottle system, so it is also advisable for babies who are a too fussy after meals. This kind of bottle system also reduces the concern about plastic chemicals getting to your baby’s meal.

  • Nipple Material

Clear silicone bottle nipples are better than dark-colored latex nipples. This is due to the fact that clear silicone nipples do not pick up any tastes or smells even after using them for a long duration of time. They also do not carry the probability of allergies like latex does. It is also quite hard for a child to chew into silicone nipples, so they do not pose the risk of choking by chewed off pieces. However, you may need to check out for extra holes on the silicone nipple when your baby starts spouting new teeth; this is due to the fact that some babies can actually chew into silicone nipples after several attempts.

With all the factors stated above, selecting the best baby bottle for your baby does not have to quite a task anymore. All you have to do is ensure that you are conversant with your baby’s preference as well as the required safety and healthy precautions.

Below are some of the best baby bottles on the market.

Playtex BPA Free Premium Nurser Bottles With Drop In Liners Gift Set

These baby bottles are the best for those busy career moms, who are always on the move. They provide essential benefits for both the baby and the mom. They have disposable Drop-Ins Liners that ensure that cleaning and using these bottles becomes a simpler task and also provides the baby with just the comfort it needs to feed. This feeding set contains all you may need to ensure that your baby’s growing needs are all met. It contains two 4oz Playtex Nurser Bottles, two 8-10oz Playtex Nurser Bottles, thirty 4oz Drop-Ins Liners and thirty 8-10oz Drop-Ins Liners.

This feeding set offers comfortable feeding since it contains pre-sterilized disposable liners that are just convenient for a working mom that is always on the move. It also has an optional angled design that plays the responsibility of promoting various semi-upright feeding positions that are recommended by pediatricians so as to prevent ear infections. The bottle is also effectively designed to help reduce colic. This bottle also has a Twist n Click seal that ensures that the bottle is 100% leak proof so as to prevent leakage and spills. The best part about this bottle is the fact that it is quite easy to use for both the mother and baby.

Gerber First Essentials Clearview Bottle With Silicone Nipple

These bottles come with a nipple that has a vented design that plays a major role in reducing colic. This is achieved by the vented nipple design limiting the air amount that your baby swallows.

These baby bottles come in 5-ounce bottles that are packed in a pack of nine (9) and they are also designed in such a way that there is no possibility of nipple collapsing or even leaking. The available leak-proof hoods are available in various colors and are also topped with silicone nipples. The best part about these baby bottles is the fact that they are BPA-free and they are a fit to most breast pumps. These bottles are ideal for encouraging your baby’s safety and development as well.

The manufacturers of these bottles mainly aim at ensuring that your baby is in a position to healthily transition from birth to a toddler.

This is made possible by the fact that their products are scientifically proven to be in a position to healthily support your baby’s healthy and safe development. These bottles are not only easy to clean, affordable and convenient, they are also designed in a such a way that satisfies your baby’s natural desire for sucking due to its soft, natural bulb-like nipple that offers all the sucking comfort.

Dr. Browns Bottles 3 Pack (8oz) Baby Bottles

These baby bottles happen to be the first convertible baby bottles in the market, they can effectively be used with or without a vent system. These new vent systems are designed in such a way that your baby is in a position to grow with the bottle.

These baby bottles are also highly recommended since they offer your baby various health benefits. These health benefits include reducing feeding problems, helps in digestion as well as in preserving vitamins.

Most parents find it an ideal option to get rid of the vent as the baby’s feeding habits continue developing. The nipple venting in these baby bottles plays an essential role in ensuring that the milk is able to flow in a slow pace flow that will not choke the baby and also provides a feeding feeling that is similar to baby bottles that are nipple vented.

These bottles are BPA free and they are also a fit to most breast pumps. The best part about these innovative baby bottles is the fact that they are able to efficiently and effectively cover all parents’ needs. This is due to the fact that these bottles are able to grow with your baby’s needs as well as offer other health benefits regardless of the fact whether your baby is experiencing feeding complications (burping, colic, gas, and spit-up) or not.

Phillips Avent BPA Free Natural Infant Starter Gift Set

These baby bottles offer one of the most natural ways a mom can use to bottle feed a baby. This is a natural infant starter that includes everything you may need to be in a position to appropriately bottle feed your baby or newborn. The set contains 3 4 ounce natural feeding bottles, 2 9 ounce natural feeding bottles, formula dispenser, bottle brush and a soothie pacifier.

The best part about these bottles is the fact that they have wide nipples that are breast-shaped so as to promote that natural latch and ensure that the mom does not have a hard time combining bottle feeding and breastfeeding.

These bottles also have unique comfort pearls that are placed in the nipple so as to enhance nipple softness and flexibility without experiencing nipple collapse. As if all that is not enough, these bottles also have innovative twin valves that are anti-colic newborn flow nipples that play a major role in ensuring that the baby is in a position to comfortably feed and with ease as well. The soothie pacifier is also used by medical practitioners to help in calming down newborns so it is safe for your baby.

It is also BPA-free and is designed to help in ensuring your baby’s natural teeth and gums development. The bottle brush is essential in cleaning those hard to reach parts of the bottle.

Born Free BPA-Free Decorated Bottle Gift Set

These bottles are specifically designed to meet all feeding needs and habits of all babies. They are clinically designed to effectively reduce gas and colic in babies.

These bottles are BPA-free hence a natural and ideal choice for your baby’s safe and calm bottle feeding. The best part about these bottles is the fact the baby is in a position to control the milk flow.

This is ideal in ensuring that the baby gets to experience a natural feeding experience. This not only makes it easy for the baby to switch between breast and bottle, it also makes it quite easy for the mom.

These bottles are not only made from a material that is BPA free, it is also lead-free, phthalate free and latex free. This is to ensure your baby’s healthy growth and development.

What makes these bottles one of the best for babies is the fact that your baby can comfortably and safely drink from these bottles and from any angle without the flow of milk being too overwhelming. However, you need to ensure that you clean your baby’s bottles as soon as they are done feeding since when milk dries on the inner part of the nipple cleaning become quite a task.

Bottle feeding can be quite an easy task for feeding your baby especially if you have tight and crazy schedules controlling your life. However, you need to ensure that you follow all the health precautions required when it comes to feeding your baby. Some of these tips include:

i. Washing your hands before you prepare your baby’s feeding bottle or before you breastfeed them. This ensures that you do not transmit any hand-contaminated germs to your baby.

ii. Thoroughly cleaning your baby’s feeding equipment helps in ensuring that you get rid of any germs that the equipment was exposed to during feeding.

iii. Avoid putting plastic baby bottles into microwaves, dishwashers or bottle sterilizers.

iv.The way you store your baby’s feeding equipment is also quite essential. You can opt to keep them dry so as to prevent the growth of mold or store them in lukewarm water. Storing them in lukewarm water ensures that they do not remain too dry as this can result in easy breakage. If you opt to keep them dry, then make sure that they are stored in a cool dry place.

v. Avoid giving your baby a feeding bottle to suck during naptime or at night. This is a poor parenting habit that can result to tooth- decay.

Best Baby Strollers

Strolling is one of the best ways to lead an active and fun lifestyle. When it comes to strolling with your child, the experience is quite overwhelming and all you need to have for you to enjoy the whole experience is a top quality and reliable baby stroller.

The best baby strollers are those that are well and readily equipped with flexible car seats, efficient ventilation systems, adjustable handlebars, reliable suspension systems, brake pedals and so much more.

All these features are supposed to ensure maximum comfort for your child. The best baby strollers offer your child the most comfortable strolling experience, as well as keep your little angel secure and definitely happy.

Purchasing the best baby stroller can be quite a challenging task, at times, it can even be as difficult as buying a car. However, this does not have to be the case anymore since all you have to know when it comes to selecting the best baby stroller is the features to look out for, their uses, as well as benefits. Below is an outlined list of the best baby strollers with all the basic information required to help you select and settle for the best baby stroller in the market.

UUPA Baby 2015 Vista Stroller

This baby stroller comes in an intuitive design that has the ability to fold easily, it also has several configurations, it also has the ability to manoeuvre so as to enable the parent to be in a position to run errands and at the same time keep a pace that is totally comfortable for your child. The best part about this baby stroller is the fact that it has the ability to hold two MESA infant car seats as well as adapt to two toddler seats; one facing forward and one facing rear as well as a piggy-back, all of which give the parent the comfort of strolling as a single.

This baby stroller weighs around 27.5 pounds and measures 33*23*20.2 inches. It can easily be folded by following a new and easy one-step fold process with or without a seat attached. The best part about its performance travel system is the fact that it is compatible with MESA infant car seat-direct attachment and does not require any adapters. It also has a large and easily accessible storage basket that can fit everyday essentials and it also makes reaching for the diaper bag and toys an easy task for the parent. All its enhancements have the ability to adjust to all life’s momentum.

4moms Origami Stroller

4moms Origami baby stroller is one of the best baby strollers in the market. This is due to the fact that it has the ability to unfold and fold itself by simply touching a button. This baby stroller has generators located in the rear wheels, these generators have the ability to charge your phone as well as power a 4-inch LCD screen that is responsible for displaying the mileage walked as well as the temperature levels outside the stroller. It also has pathway lights that are effective in low light conditions, daytime running lights and sensors that can effectively detect when your baby is in the seat.

This stroller weighs around 20 pounds and measures 42*18.5*17.5 inches. It also comes with 1 lithium ion batteries that are essential for the overall working of the stroller. It has a minimum weight recommendation of 27 pounds and a maximum weight recommendation of 40 pounds. It also comes with 4 stable cup holders. Its battery has the ability to keep the stroller running for a maximum of 7 hours.

Snap Duo2 Black Beauty (2015)

This epic baby stroller offers you a baby stroller that is effectively light. It also has two hoods as well as adjustable foot rests. The best part about this baby stroller is the fact that is a redefined standard stroller with an ability to meet all convenience needs since it is lightweight due to the ultra light weight frame.

It also has comfortable seats, an effective full recline system and it also has an amazing push that does not require so much energy. This stroller is the best stroller when it comes to mobility. It can effectively be used when travelling, regardless of the travelling mode. It is effective for air travelling, simply getting around town and car travelling.

This baby stroller weighs around 24 pounds and measures 30*29*41 inches. It has a minimum weight recommendation of 8 pounds and a maximum weight recommendation of 44 pounds.

This baby stroller also comes with an easy flat one-handed fold with effectively convenient carry handle and shoulder strap. It also comes with individual canopies for easy functioning of the baby stroller. This stroller offers both babies and toddlers the best and most comfortable strolling experience.

Chicco Key-Fit Caddy Stroller

This is the best baby stroller for a key fit. It is exclusively designed to perfectly fit in a key fit infant car seat. It is also one of the best additions to the Chicco baby gear collection. It comes with an easy and safe click that is responsible for attaching it to the car seat.

The best part about this baby stroller is that it is light-weight and it is specifically created for parents who look for a convenient way to stroll with their baby especially during busy days. It also comes with a light aluminum frame, a large basket that is easily expandable, a compact one-hand fold and an adjustable frame with four adjustable positions.

The adjustable handle is essential in ensuring that it simplifies life even during the baby’s first few months. This epic baby stroller also comes with an all wheel suspension, a completely equipped parent tray and toe-tap locking brakes.

This baby stroller weighs around 11.2 pounds and measures 37.2*20*35.5 inches. It has a maximum weight recommendation of 30 pounds. It has the ability to perfectly fit key fit 30 and key fit 22. It is easy to fold, easy to hold and also easy to push.

Britax 2016 B-Agile 3-Stroller

This is one of the best baby strollers since it is light and quite maneuverable in that it does not hinder the parent from going where they were supposed to go just because they have a baby with them. It has an effective aluminum frame that does not weigh you down, a quick-fold design that enables you to be in a position to fold the stroller in just a few seconds so as to comfortably carry it with one hand.

This baby stroller has a 3-wheel configuration that has swivel front wheels that allow ultra-small turning radius. This enables the stroller to easily and comfortably maneuver through crowds, tiny spaces and thin aisles. This stroller is compatible with Britax infant car seats when it comes to fast and safe connections that do not require adapters. It is also compatible with other infant car seats with adapters. However, the adapter is sold separately.

This stroller weighs around 18 pounds and measures 38.5*23*40.5 inches. It has a minimum weight recommendation of 5 pounds and a maximum weight recommendation of 55 pounds. The best part about this baby stroller is the fact that it has a large storage basket located under the stroller, this basket makes it quite easy for the parent to access the diaper bag and toys.


There are quite a number of baby strollers in the market today; you may be searching for a jogging stroller, a travel stroller or just a normal walking stroller. Regardless of the stroller you are looking for, the best way of ensuring that you purchase the best baby stroller is by ensuring that you are conversant with all the important features to look out for. Knowing all the features essential for an effective baby stroller helps you settle for the best baby stroller in the market. It is advisable to get the best baby stroller so as to ensure your child’s security, comfort and without leaving out your convenience as a parent.

It is advisable to always consider a baby stroller as a long-term investment. This is due the fact that unlike other baby products that stop being useful one year after the baby is born a baby stroller can serve you for quite a number of years. Go for a top quality baby stroller since the better the quality the longer the service duration. With the factors listed above, selecting the best baby stroller does not have to be a challenging task even when faced with hundreds of styles and brands to choose from.