Bleach Pregnancy Test

Bleach Pregnancy Test

Bleach is one of the best cleaning substances and it can also be used as one of the best home-based pregnancy test requirements. All you have to do is mix it with urine. You need to know that there is no specific amount of urine or bleach required to ensure that the test is a success. Any amount of the two can work just fine. It is also advisable to conduct the test is an airy space since a mixture of bleach and urine produces toxic fumes.

Definition of bleach pregnancy test

Women who do not have a chance or lack the time to visit a medical practitioner or purchase a pregnancy test so as to determine if they are pregnant or not can make use of a home-based bleach pregnancy test. This test mainly involves using bleach which is a cleaning chemical; the best part about using bleach is the fact that it is readily available in most homes. Bleach is used to as a cleaning agent in most homes, and it uses the oxidation process for cleaning.

Since one is not advised on the amount of bleach or urine to use for the test nor the time required to wait before you can check out the results, this results to bleach pregnancy tests not being 100% reliable. It is advisable to re-confirm any results you get from a bleach pregnancy test by conducting a different pregnancy test.

How bleach is used for a home pregnancy test?

All pregnancy tests require identifying the presence of the HCG which is a pregnancy hormone present in the blood or urine of any pregnant woman. HCG responds to any method you may consider using to test for pregnancy. The availability of HCG is noted in the blood or the urine. Bleach is one of the best elements one can use for a home-based pregnancy test since it perfectly reacts with HCG. Whenever HCG comes into contact with a substance like bleach there is always a reaction. This is the reaction that is supposed to identify if your urine has HCG or not. Below is a clear description that can help you identify if you are pregnant or not by use of bleach.

Pour some bleach into a container.

Pour some fresh urine into a different container.

Then mix the two liquids and patiently watch the reaction.

If the mixture produces a bubble or frizzy or frothy type of a reaction then that is a clear indication of the presence of HCG and hence, an indication that you are pregnant.

If no change takes place after the two liquids are mixed then it is a clear indication that you are not pregnant.

A bleach pregnancy test is just like any other home-based pregnancy test since it does not have clear guidelines on the amount of urine or bleach required. However, bleach pregnancy test comes with a clear safety warning which is; since a mixture of bleach and urine can produce toxic fumes you need to conduct the test in a well-ventilated space. These toxic fumes can be quite harmful not only for you but for your unborn child as well just in case you are pregnant.

How accurate is the bleach pregnancy test?

Most women consider taking a bleach pregnancy test then confirming the results with a pharmacy purchased pregnancy test just to verify the results. However, research has proved that a bleach pregnancy test is 95% accurate. If the bleach pregnancy test indicates positive then chances are quite high that you could be pregnant but if it indicates negative it is advisable to confirm with a different pregnancy test kit.

Facts you need to know about bleach pregnancy test

As much as research has proved that home-based pregnancy test is one of the safest methods of determining if you are pregnant or not, this is not the case with a bleach pregnancy test. This is due to the fact that bleach pregnancy test produces toxic fumes and it is not 100% reliable. Due to the fact that bleach pregnancy test is not 100% reliable, you may need to re-perform your pregnancy test with a different home pregnancy test just to confirm the results you get from the bleach pregnancy test before you get to make any prenatal appointment with you medical practitioner.

On the other hand, a bleach test can be quite reliable since bleach is readily available in most homes. Most people are normally surprised by the fact that bleach can be used to test if you are pregnant or not without even having to visit a clinic or pharmacy for a home-based pregnancy test kit. With time bleach pregnancy test has become quite common in most homes since is readily available in most homes and it is also quite affordable since you only require a small amount of bleach to conduct your home-based pregnancy test.

Just like other home-based pregnancy tests bleach pregnancy test can also give false results i.e. it can give positive results when you are actually not pregnant and vice versa. However, with all the required skill and understanding you can get accurate and correct results from a bleach pregnancy test. When one does not have the required guidelines to conduct the bleach pregnancy test then chances of getting inaccurate results tend to be quite high.


After all has been said and done, the most effective method for determining if you are pregnant or not lies only with pregnancy test methods that have been scientifically proven. These are methods often used by doctors or pregnancy home-based kits that are commonly purchased in pharmacies or drug stores. The only way you can be certain that a particular method works is by trying it out yourself. So, the next time you suspect you could be pregnant and you would like to be certain you could consider using a bleach pregnancy test or any other home-based pregnancy test. The best part about conducting a bleach pregnancy test is the fact that you have nothing to lose since you do not have to take the results acquired as your final results, you can always confirm the results acquired with a different home-based pregnancy test or by having your doctor conduct a pregnancy test.

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