Best Shoes for Pregnancy of 2017

As much as it is quite important to wear comfortable shoes, it is more vital when it comes to pregnancy. Feet tend to swell during pregnancy, and the weight also increases; during this period, your center of gravity also tends to shift and as a result, you tend to get tired easily. During pregnancy high heels are an obvious no, even those beautiful stilettos you value. But this should not be a matter of concern since you will just have to put them aside just for a short while.

During pregnancy, a perfect shoe feels like a generous gift from heaven. Imagine comfortably walking around without feeling any pain or aches, even when pregnant. During pregnancy, there are two types of shoes that can work perfectly well; flats and sandal or flip-flops.

When choosing a closed flat shoes make sure you select one that does not require you to bend over so that you can put it on. A slip on closed flat will be an ideal choice. You may also need to go for a closed shoe that has good ankle support. When it comes to sandals or flip-flops there is not much of a limitation since they are all slide in. the ideal pregnancy shoes still do exist and below is a list of some of them.

Best Maternity shoes of 2017

Skechers Gowalk Walking Boots

Skechers Gowalk Walking Boots

These are one of the best shoes in the market since they are unbelievably comfortable.

They have a squishy cushioned sole that makes walking in them very comfortable.

As much as they lack an arch support they are shoes any pregnant woman would not regret investing in. they come in several bright colors which include aqua, pink gray but can also be found in black and navy for those who prefer dull colors.

If you are not into laced shoes then these are an ideal choice as far as your style is concerned. These shoes have a weight of 4.2 ounces which makes them quite light hence the comfortable feature.

They also happen to be quite pocket-friendly; you do not have to worry about stretching your financial budget too wide.

They can be found in sizes 5-11. However, it is advisable to know that, just because this shoe is very comfortable and ideal for pregnant women, it is not ideal for workouts; especially walking workouts.

What makes this shoe ideal for pregnant women is the fact that it is fairly comfortable, has a cushioned sole for under feet comfortability and they are quite light for easy movement that does not result to straining the shoe.

Dansko Professional Oiled Clog

Dansko Professional Oiled Clog

Everyone craves for a pair of comfortable shoe, especially pregnant women. Dansko Professional Oiled Clog is a pair of sneakers that has been designed for play, work or just casual endeavors. This makes this shoe one of an ideal pair of shoes for nay pregnant woman since they are very comfortable.

The Dansko Professional Oiled Clog sneaker has been designed in such a way that it follows your foot’s natural contours. This feature makes this shoe, the kind of a shoe that can accommodate any foot type. It also has an instep collar that plays the major role of cushioning your arch so that you are in a position to walk comfortably.

For people who find it a bit of a challenge to get a comfortable shoe due to having wide-ish feet then Dansko Professional Oiled Clog is the ideal shoe for you, they come in various sizes and also offer foot wideness sizes. They make turning your ankle quite easy and they are also quite clunky.

They are an ideal pair of sneakers for any perfect and comfortable lifestyle. As much their arch support can take quite some time to get used to it, they are very soft and comfortable as well.

Sneakers Women’s GoWalk Snow Boot

Sneakers Women’s GoWalk Snow Boot

These boots have an amazing combination of fabric and suede. They come with a faux lining and a well-cushioned midsole.

They also come in a uniquely angled outer sole that perfectly complements your natural walking ability; they also effectively promote fluid stride transitions.

What makes these boots one of the best shoes for pregnant women is the fact that they absorb impact; this is made possible by the fact that they have an extra cushioned midsole that is made of proprietary lightweight injection that is perfectly molded into the midsole for the main purpose of memory retention; this promotes impact absorption.

They also come with sensors that play the major role of offering flexibility and feedback, this is mainly to ensure that the shoe offers a more responsive and comfortable walking experience. This boot is a simple slip on boot that is mid calf high, it is ideal for those cold seasons as well. These boots, unlike other boots are quite light and very comfortable; you can easily forget you are in them.

They are also quite warm; you will not regret investing in them during those cold winter days. They come in various sizes that also include half sizes making this a shoe that can perfectly fit anyone.

With the list of shoes and tips given above you are more likely to settle for the best pregnancy shoes. However, below are also some of the qualities you may need to consider when selecting the best pregnancy shoes:

  • It should be quite easy to put on.

It is advisable to go for a shoe that will not have to have to bend over to put it on. Slip on shoes and without laces are ideal shoes for pregnant women.

  • Should be supportive

The best shoe for a pregnant woman is one that has ankle and arch supports so as to minimize joint pains that come as a result of walking.

  • Should have some extra room

This especially applies if you are buying shoes during the first semester of your pregnancy. You will definitely need to buy a shoe that will still accommodate your feet even if your ankles and feet swell. Going for a shoe that is half a size larger than your usual size will ensure that you remain comfortable even when your feet or ankles swell.

Comfortable shoes not only allow you to comfortably walk in them, they also give you the chance to stand for long before your feet get fatigued.

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