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If you are looking for the Best Double jogging stroller, you are in the right place.

Congratulations! You’ve had baby number two, or maybe even two at a time, and with multiple little bundles of joy comes…the baby weight.

Maybe you are one of those lucky parents with twins, or you are on your second child, but either way, you are probably asking yourself: how am I ever going to get back in shape again?

Let’s face it, having a baby is exhausting, and no matter if you are attending two at a time or you have the infant-toddler combo happening, you go into survival mode.

Our healthy routines get disrupted, we start eating for comfort (yes, the baby is finally asleep, I’ll have a glass of wine!) and well, we get lazy.

If you are still on full-time mom duty, and eating accordingly, getting your exercise and maintaining a healthy weight can become a challenge.

However, there are some fantastic dual-passenger strollers out there that are designed to transport your baby in comfort and style, while ensuring you get your blood moving on a regular basis.

Before you take on the task of buying a jogging stroller for you and your little ones, take a moment to consider your expectations. There are plenty of options and plenty of uses for your baby transport system, so make sure you find the best option for you and your family.

Maybe you were a runner before your pregnancy or maybe this is your first crack at jogging. Maybe you just intend to take lots of shady walks while your little ones take a nap. Utilizing a double running stroller will solve the very real problem of parenting vs. fitness and this will lead to happy family lifestyle.

Thankfully, we live in an era of great design and this is not a new problem.

That is why I have created a list of  Best Double Jogging Stroller.

There are some innovative brands out there that meet this need. Take look at some of these next-level double jogging strollers that can get you back in action.

Best Double Jogging Stroller 2018 | Comparison




BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX

Duallie Stroller


BOB Revolution Pro Duallie Stroller


Baby Trend Navigator 

Baby Trend

Baby Jogger City Select Second

Seat Kit with Silver Frame

Baby Jogger

Baby Trend Navigator Lite

Baby Trend

Baby Jogger 2016 Summit X3

Baby Jogger

BOB 2016 Ironman

Duallie Stroller


Baby Jogger City Select

Stroller In Ruby

Baby Jogger

Top Rated Jogging Buggies for 2 Children

BOB 2016 Revolution flex Duallie Stroller

The BOB is probably the Cadillac of baby strollers and for good reason: it offers excellent mobility, intuitive functionality and it is surprisingly lightweight. As one of the first brands to reconsider the pram, BOB figured out early on that parents wanted more functionality from their family stroller.

This particular model has all the usual safety features like foot pedal wheel lock and five-point safety belts which makes it much more improvised. The lockable front wheel comes in very handy if you are taking your babies out on a rougher path.

A nifty two-step folding system makes it easy to collapse and store this stroller, but it also brags cool options like an adjustable padded handle bar with nine different positions so that you can find the best fit for your height.

You can also pair your BOB Revolution FLEX with an infant car seat because this model offers compatibility with certain Britax products if you opt for the separate car seat adapter. So transitioning from the car to the stroller is that much simpler.

The best part about this model is the smooth ride. It has a world-class suspension system the BOB has gone to a great deal of trouble to engineer with three inches of travel and two stages of weight support.

So whether you are on pavement, grass or dirt, this stroller can handle the terrain. Many outdoorsy moms and dads will actually take this stroller camping so they can go on hikes.

Plus, it’s got excellent storage capacity for incidentals. Another nice bonus with the side-by-side is that your kids can entertain each other while you get your exercise. Runners really appreciate the BOB Duallie.

The BOB Revolution Pro enjoys all the comfort, safety and flexibility that make BOB products so popular with athletic parents.

It features a single, guiding swivel wheel in front for excellent maneuverability, light frame with the total weight being 34 pounds, and single-action release for easy in-and-out of your vehicle. The total dimensions measure 59.5 x 31 x 47.5 inches.

This model has hand-activated rear brakes which enable more control on dirt or steep inclines, and it features that classy suspension that makes BOB products among the most popular among many of the products.

As with many BOB designs, this model will let you adjust the handlebar according to your height so you can trick out your stroller for maximum ergonomic comfort.

Off-road runners especially appreciate the added control and functionality of a front wheel that can be fixed or swivel.

Moms have described the BOB Revolution Pro like “a cloud on ball bearings” for the smooth action and responsiveness and this is according to those who have been using it. Highly active moms champion this particular model so much.

More kid-friendly features include padded seats, the five-point harness requirement, independently adjustable canopies made from reflective material for added protection from the sun and wind. It has got room to spare for your purse or backpack and you can also get an attachment drink and snack tray that easily snaps on and off.

Active parents really dig this economic product for the simple reason that it offers all the usual safety features, portability and durability.

Baby Trend also manufactures compatible car seats that affix into this double jogger, so it’s a wise purchase for families with twins. Plus it comes in a couple snappy colors and why not add a little flair?

The Baby Trend Navigator features double swivel wheels that lock for hassle-free navigation when you are off the pavement, and its pneumatic tires make for a cozy ride on rough turf.

This jogging stroller has a cool trigger mechanism that drops it into a highly compact shape to fit easily in the back of your car, which is a real advantage when you are regularly loading and unloading two kids from your vehicle.

Not only does it look great with its two-tone, weather-resistant materials, the kids love the Baby Trend Navigator for its padded, reclining seats, its wide footrest and its Mp3 plug-in and built-in speakers. If your babies have trouble napping, this could be your good luck charm when you are out on a long run.

Now your twin children can remain close together.

There is no need to buy two baby strollers, as this second seat kit can be transformed into a double stroller from a single stroller with just a click. With ample head height and foot space for both kids, it can be reclined to offer comfort to the kids regardless of the position being faced.

Its canopy provides enough shade for the passengers on a very sunny day. It also has a window through which you can check on the kids. With a weight of 9 pounds, each of the seat can carry a maximum weight of 45 pounds.

It maintains the same width as a single stroller, making it easy for maneouver on the streets or the aisle of a shop. It also comes with a metal frame and does not require batteries to operate. This second seat kit is simply built for comfort.


  • Easily converts from a single stroller to a double stroller.
  • The canopy provides enough shade for the seated kids.
  • The seat is adjustable and the foot well and head space are expandable.


  • The fabrics can not be removed for washing.
  • You need to get used to it to easily handle it.

This baby stroller is designed to lock two car seats together.

For the convenience of taking the children for a stroll or a jog, it comes with a large storage basket for storing all the necessities they will need while on the road.

Each seat has a canopy and a tray with two cup holders and a storage apartment that is covered. It is designed for all kinds of roads which is why it comes with pneumatic bicycle tires.

It can carry children who weigh as much as 50 pounds. It weighs 39.2 pounds and does not require batteries to operate.


  • It locks two car seats together.
  • It has a large storage basket.
  • It has a parent tray that comes with two cup holders and a covered storage apartment..
  • Each seat has a canopy that provides a shade for the kids.


  • For a jogger, it is hard to push.
  • It has a small foot pedestal.

This double jogging stroller comes with rear brakes that are hand operated, allowing for more control while navigating hilly or uneven terrains. A front wheel lock is mounted on the handlebar to be used in choosing between jogger and stroller mode.

It has an all wheel suspension that can carry a combined weight of 100 pounds. The double stroller weighs 37 pounds and has a canopy that provides shade for each seat. It accepts infant car seats with a head height of 24 inches.

It has a remote swivel lock, side ventilation, a canopy window through which the children can be checked. There is also a large seat basket and a mounting bracket.


  • It can ride on different terrains.
  • It has a remote swivel lock.
  • It has a large seat basket.
  • It can be switched between jogger and stroller modes.


  • The canopy does not adjust upwards for taller children.
  • It is heavy to carry.

This double stroller has a fixed front wheel that can ride on any terrain. When riding downhill, it is controlled with the rear brake that is hand activated. Jogging is made possible because of its tires filled with air.

The handle bar is padded and can be adjusted to 9 different positions to suit the parent. This stroller can be combined with an infant car seat. It is ultimately designed for jogging, strolling, and taking a long walk.

It weighs 33.1 pounds and can carry a combined weight of 105 pounds. With the push of a button, the seat reclines.


  • It offers 9 different positions to accommodate the parent.
  • The hand brake offers control when riding downhill.
  • It folds in two steps making it easy to store.
  • It comes with a large storage basket.


  • It is difficult to do the top wheel and turn with the adjustable handle.
  • The manual expects the user to be conversant with certain terms.

This stroller can fold in one step. It comes with a sun canopy and can carry a maximum weight of 45 pounds. As a double stroller, the second seat comes with 16 combinations. It weighs 29.7 pounds and can recline in different positions.

The maximum head height is 21 inches and it comes with a handbrake and an adjustable handlebar.

You can ride this stroller on any terrain and its front wheels can swivel. The sun canopy can adjust to different heights and provides enough cover for the passengers. It weighs 34 pounds and does not require batteries to operate.


  • It folds in one step.
  • It has 16 unique combinations.
  • It adjusts to the parent’s height using the telescoping handlebar.
  • The front wheels can swivel.


  • It is not portable.

There is no reason that you cannot be active while your kids are still young, and the sooner you get back into the action, the better you will feel. In fact, you can simultaneously get back in shape and illustrate a healthy lifestyle for them at the same time.

The truly nice thing about all these brands is that your children sit next to each other and so they have the ability to interact when you go on outings. For serious runners, the double jogger is a real lifesaver, and having the extra resistance is a new addition to you workout that helps you exert in a way that is safe. A little extra upper body never hurts, right?

Why You Might Need A Double Jogging Stroller 

It is typical for a parent who has two babies to want a double jogging stroller. It remains the most obvious reason why you might need one. There are many other reasons why you might need a double jogging stroller beside the fact that it helps you carry two babies together whenever you leave your home. The reasons why you would choose it over a single jogging stroller include:

Cost Effective: Like most things in life, it all boils down to money. Acquiring a double jogging stroller is actually cheaper than buying two single jogging strollers if you have two babies. This is a saving which you would love to take advantage of.

Adjustable: The way double jogging strollers are designed allows for adjustments to be made when necessary. In other words, it must not be used only when you welcome the arrival of twins. The seats of this stroller can be configured individually to suit a toddler and an infant at the same time. This is an advantage for those who have babies who are not twins.

Storage: When you leave your home, you do not want to leave important items behind. The underseat basket of a double jogging stroller is about twice that of a single jogging stroller. This allows you to carry more items along when leaving your home. With this provision, you can comfortably fit in your baby items, grocery, and toys. It also comes with a bigger parent console and cup holders as well.

Lightweight: You may think that the extra size of a double jogging stroller means more weight. This is not the case because this type of stroller happens to be light. In addition to its lightweight, its frames are more compact than the other kinds of strollers. Manufacturers design it this way to eliminate the accumulation of excess weight. This also makes pushing it a whole lot easier.

Maneuverability: This convenience is appreciated more when you walk through the aisles of a store. Double jogging strollers are designed to be excellent when it comes to maneuverability. Navigating through tight spaces as well as rough terrains is a breeze. This makes them the go-to strollers whether you are indoors or outdoors.

Portable: Portability is one other reason why you should consider buying a double jogging stroller. You can easily place it in a car without the need for a car-seat converter. This helps you in saving some money. This is why people with two babies love to make use of it. Its durability makes it a practical choice over a single jogging stroller.

Accommodation: It is worthy to note that a double jogging stroller does not just carry two babies, it carries them comfortably. This is possible because of the way manufacturers craft it. They come with a suspension which helps it handle heavy loads.

There are so many other features which make double jogging strollers an excellent choice. They include the provision of large canopies, grab bars, as well as covered cabins. All these reasons make buying this type of stroller worth your hard earned money. Most importantly, your babies would find them comfortable to be in.

How many types of Double Jogging Strollers?

There are two reasons why you may be considering the type of double jogging strollers to buy. The first is the expectation of baby twins while the other is the need to have a convenient means of carrying an infant and a toddler around. With several options to consider, you need to learn about them to be able to decide the best one for you. The different types of double jogging strollers in the market today are: 

1. Twin or Side By Side Strollers: They are designed with both seats side by side. Recent models are narrower, allowing it to easily navigate through store aisles and doorways. The leg and arm room are the same for both babies making it possible for them to see each other. It also allows them to easily look around while being within the arm's reach of their parent. They do have an option of having an infant car seat attached to them. Only a few of them come with a double car seat capacity. 

2. Tandem Strollers: This stroller is designed to have a seat behind the other. It is possible to recline the back seat fully while the front seat can only recline partially. This makes it ideal for an infant and a toddler with the toddler seating in front. The models are designed to take two infant car seats. The width of this stroller is narrow which means it can be maneuvered through tight spaces. It offers a challenge when you turn corners as a result of its weight sticking out in front.

Other Considerations you Might Want to Take into Account When Investing in a Double Pushchair for Twins:

What are you most likely using it for?

If you are a serious, off-road runner, you are going to want to go with a fixed wheel stroller. The reason is leverage. Pushing your twins up a dirt hill with the swivel wheel is no fun. The fixed wheel won’t wobble and it will get you a little more traction.

Double duty is different

On the other hand, if you are going to use that same stroller for out-and-about town, go with the swivel. Getting in and out of tight corners, navigating pedestrian traffic and all other things city require that little mobility edge that the swiveling wheel provides.

Take it for a test drive

If you have friends that have some of these choices, talk to them about what they like or don’t like. After all, you need this thing to go for the next four years or so.

Buy it new

It’s tempting to look for a used one, but in this case, go with the brand new one. The reason is a family is hard on a stroller, especially a jogging stroller that is expected to perform. You also have access to the manufacturer for questions.

Whether you live in the city or a more rural location, these strollers are constructed to last and to manage two kids in many different kinds of environments. Being a parent and being active don’t necessarily have to be at odds– you just have to have the right equipment.

The sooner you get out and start your routine with the kids, the better you will feel and having the right stroller makes a world of difference.


Useful Tips for Running with your New Dual Baby Carriage

For some people, the only times they run are when they are running after something or something is running after them. Apart from these occasions, the only other time they are closest to running is when they watch the 100 meters Olympic final sprint on TV.

Of course, for you to be reading this, you are not willing to remain on the couch watching professional athletes on TV anymore. Probably you are a runner but have not run since the birth of that lovely baby of yours. No time you say. The baby has to be looked after.

Good point. That is the reason why Jogging Strollers were invented. You do not need to get out of shape because you do not want to lose quality time with your family. I promise that you will spend time with your family and keep in shape at the same time. Buy a jogging stroller today and apply these tips for running with jogging strollers:

The age of your child matters:

Jogging should be safe for you and the baby. To run with a child under six months is considered risky. If you want to, then you have to attach a car seat adapter to your jogging stroller.

For a baby under six months, the car seat adapter prevents the head and neck of the baby to bob around when you run with your baby in the jogging stroller. You really do not need your baby experiencing every single bounce on the road.

Have everything you need:

One of the reasons you probably were not running in the first place since you gave birth to your baby is because you need certain necessities like diapers and baby wipes for instance when you are outside the home.

Packing things to go jogging have been made easier with most jogging strollers having large storage baskets on them. Take advantage of it and pack those snacks and other necessities you need and go running today.

Lock the front wheel:

While one of the features of jogging strollers is the ability of the front wheels to swivel, running is not the best time to turn on that feature. Ensure that you make use of the lock on the front wheel. Before you begin running, lock the front wheel to prevent it veering off while you are having a great run with your baby in the jogging stroller.

Make your baby comfortable:

When you run, your body warms up and you feel the perspiration dripping off your eyebrows. Remember however that your little baby is not exercising. The reverse is rather the case as the wind blows across the baby’s face causing the baby to feel cool. You should protect your baby against the weather by dressing your baby against the cold. If on the other hand, it is on a very sunny day, you dress the baby lightly. Always consider how to dress your baby depending on the weather.

Stay away from traffic:

Nothing should be taken for granted. Yes, you are swift in handling the jogging strollers, but for the sake of your young one, avoid areas with heavy traffic. It is not in the movies alone that cars veer off and hit the sidewalk. So, choose a part that has less traffic to increase the protection level of your young one. Your best bet remains the sidewalks, parks, and bike paths, to mention but a few.

Use the jogging Strollers Strap:

It is assumed that your young one is above 6 months. That being the case, use the strap to hold the baby back. Babies will be babies, and if you fail to have them strapped in, the child may reach out and have the little fingers trapped in the wheels of a jogging stroller. A scenario like this needs to be avoided, so take care that the strap is securely fixed.

The handlebar is for you, use them:

You may want to flex your fingers from numbness but please do not let go of the handlebar while running. Accidents do occur, even between the hand and the mouth while eating. Never give room for any eventuality. It is always safety first, so hold on tight while running. If you really need to free your hands, by all means, park by the side and get that beauty rest.

Be a one hand’s person if you must:

You must not keep both hands stuck on the handlebar. You may hold with one hand and interchange to maintain the balance as well as use it as a form of exercise. This way, you are always in control of the jogging strollers, making your baby safe and secure.

Timing is everything:

Borrowing a leaf from a management theory: Everything in its place and every place its thing. In simple words, orderliness is important. Before taking your baby on that run in a jogging stroller, make sure you have learned your baby pattern. Nap time should be respected as well as feeding time. It simply does not make sense for you to go on a run at a time that is most inconvenient for your baby.

The exercise is what matters:

Without a baby in a jogging stroller being pushed by you as you run, chances are you may do a world record run. However, the baby is slowing you down. Not to worry, the most important thing is that you are burning up the calories. This is the main aim for exercising and not really the World or Olympic records.

Do not bore your child:

It is true that your aim of running is to get that much-needed exercise, but do not fail to forget that the reason why you run with your child in a jogging stroller is to spend time with your child. That goes to say that you may not have to run all through. This is one other reason for you to avoid heavy traffic roads. On a quiet place like a Park or something, you can always take a mini break and let the child out of the jogging strollers. The child will appreciate the break from just sitting and being pushed.

These are eleven tips that should allow you spend quality time with your family without compromising on your running with your latest dual running push chair!

Take your time to choose the best double jogging stroller 2018 in the market.

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