Best Diaper Bags 2018-Buyer’s Guide And Reviews

Diaper bags,also called nappy bags, are used for storage and should be big enough to carry baby items and also the mother’s items.

A diaper bag should be fashionable (designer?), convenient, spacious, stylish and comfortable while carrying it. It should have many pockets where you place the items required when traveling with your baby.

Diaper backpacks are made small or big to carry the necessities required by the baby, and they can easily fit under a stroller or into bigger bags.

Due to demand of the diaper bags from parent’s designers have come up with designs, colors and sizes to satisfy and appeal the wants of your desires. Diapers bags help to reduce your stress when traveling with your baby because they are assured of carrying everything they need and it will stay organized for the easy access when it’s needed.

Best Diaper Bags and Backpacks 2018

You should have specifications when buying a diaper bag whether a big one or a small one. Is should also have enough storage space so that it’s able to carry both the baby stuff and also the mothers stuff.

The quality of the bag is also a consideration:

  • What material is it made of?
  • How much weight can it hold, (when empty and when the items have been packed inside the bag)?
  • How long can it last, what is the life span of the bag?
  • Are you looking for something high end, luxury and unique; or just something that works?

This is because a diaper bag should be able to services the baby till he is big enough to stop using the diaper bag.

When searching for a diaper bag your greatest considerations should be the storage capacity to carry everything and in an organized manner, the parent should also consider her or his personal items.

For first time mothers, it is usually difficult to make the right choice but they should check the types below and what they should look for when choosing a diaper bag.

So for mums, dads, boys & girls...sit down and get ready for our ultimate review of the best diaper bags of   2018!

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ImageDiaper BagBrand 
Skip Hop Forma BackpackSkip Hop Baby Forma PackSkip Hop
Graco Gotham - Smart Organizer System Back Pack Diaper BagGraco GothamGraco
Skip Hop Grab and Go Double Bottle Bag, ChevronSkip Hop Baby GrabSkip Hop
Skip Hop Duo Special Edition Diaper Bag, French StripeSkip Hop Duo Special Edition, French StripSkip Hop
3 in 1 - Diaper Bag - Travel Bassinet - Change Station - (Cream) - Multi-purposeBoxum 3 in 1 Portable Bassinet Diaper Change StationBoxum
Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag, Heather GreySkip Hop Duo Signature Diaper BagSkip Hop
Jeep Perfect Pockets Back Pack BlackJeep Perfect Pockets Back PackJeep
Leke Diaper BagLekebaby Extra Large BabyGeneric


Skip Hop Baby Forma Pack

Skip Hop Forma Backpack

It is a lightweight fabric type of a nappy holder.

It has been designed with the stylish detailing to appeal the customer’s eyes and to meet the customer’s need; it’s convenient because it is spacious with its interiors capable of carrying everything needed for the baby and the mother.

The front of this bag is used to access the storage of cubes which are used to hold bottles (a baby feeding bottle, water bottle, sippy cups, sunscreen lotions and other small baby necessities ).

There is also a mesh cubed compartment which is used to arrange the clothes the baby needs and other things like snacks either for the baby or the mother.

There is also a changing pad and it is usually used to hold tablets, pads mobile/cell phone.

These bags are used when your child is a toddler for all his/ her needs and are also used as your child’s grows up to carry laptops because it has a compartment to hold the laptops safely.

It is manufactured in different colors e.g. black which is mostly preferred by many people, though there are other fancy colors for customers who need colored skip hop forma backpack diaper bags.

The straps are long lasting which is a really nice feature.

Graco Gotham- Smart Organizer System Back Pack Diaper Bag

Graco Gotham - Smart Organizer System Back Pack Diaper Bag

This diaper bag is a stylish bag made to suit the customers need.

It’s spacious with multiple compartments to cater for all the items the parent chooses to store in the bag. Its handles and straps are well made to sustain the weight of the bag.

It has a wipes dispenser which is located on the exterior of the bag for quick access to the wipes. There is a pocket bottle holder which holds two bottles, and it optimizes the temperature of the content in the bottle.

The bag has interior compartment has multiple storage pockets for the baby’s necessities, and it has a zip to close the pocket where the parent can secure their properties e.g. wallet, cell phone, and other personal belongings.

The container also has a removable changing pad for parents to be able to change your baby’s on a clean, hygienic surface no matter the place they are at...great for travelling whether on an airplane or in a car or bus!

Skip Hop Grab And go Double Bottle Bag, Chevron

Skip Hop Grab and Go Double Bottle Bag, Chevron

Most Stylish!

This diaper bag is large, stylish and affordable.

It has a large bottle holding compartment that can hold two large bottles or sippy cups to either feed the baby or a water bottle for the parent it is also insulated to keep the bottle or the sippy cups cold for as many hours as possible.

It has an insulated lining for the wipes compartment to store the wipes warm or cold depending on the parent preference.

It has a two way zipper which allows easier access to what is in the bag and also quicker access to the single or double bottle. It also has a freezer compartment pack for storage of snacks and the bottles.

An interior mesh pocket for storage of baby’s changing clothes, diapers, and the parent’s necessities.

The bag has easy open straps that the parent can attach to the stroller, and the straps can be adjusted to suit the parent’s preferences.


Skip Hop Duo Special Edition Diaper Bag, French Stripe

Skip Hop Duo Special Edition Diaper Bag, French Stripe

This bag is a stylish, modern designed bag with a new contemporary pattern, features, made of wipe- able fabric and weighs an average of one pound.

It has zip closures on the both exterior bottle pockets and another zip on the main compartment to ensure security for the items in the bag.

Including an interior bottle pocket which is insulated and two sides pocket to keep the diapers, bottles, and parent’s items to be well organized as they are traveling so this is a great backpack for traveling with babies.

It has a wipe-clean surface which helps to protect from any spilling and dirt.Has a cushioned changing pad which is convenient for the parent while changing the baby at any place of choice because the pad is safe and hygienic.

The straps are made of a rigid material which can withstand any weight of the items placed in the bag. The straps are adjustable to a stroller and rolled handles can also hand neatly on the stroller and shoulders.

3 in 1 - Diaper Bag - Travel Bassinet - Change Station - (Cream) Multi-purpose

3 in 1 - Diaper Bag - Travel Bassinet - Change Station - (Cream) - Multi-purpose

It is a three-in-one bag, and it is highly used for traveling with all the baby necessities.

It is a combination of a bassinet, comfortable sleeping place and a convenient place to change the baby diapers and lastly a storage space for the storage of baby and parent’s items.

It is a convenient and comfortable bag for moms and dads as they go for a vacation or a trip to the mall for shopping.

The bag can accommodate 0-12 month’s baby in the sleeping compartment, and it’s then folded into two halves to close it and slow it away.

A parent has to know how to use these bags; first, like a bassinet, the parent has to fasten the carrying strap if they are attached to the clip and store the straps at the base of the bag pocket.

Fold the bag flat with its pockets sides facing upwards then separate the Centre of the bag and pull it left and right side apart.

Lift up the flaps and fold to stabilize the panels of the mattress underneath and fasten to secure it.Secondly is when converting it to a change station the parent will unzip the bottom flap and stabilizer panel folds away the underneath mattress to a comfortable, convenient changing pad.

Lastly is when converting it back to a diaper bag, the parent needs to unfasten the end flaps and fold the stabilizer panels of the mattress then fold it into two halves together and then attach the carrying strap.

Weekender Tote - Designer Canvas W/ Cute Baby Change Pad

Designer Canvas W Cute Baby Change Pad- Diaper Bag by Hip Cub - Weekender Tote

It is a stylish, spacious, fashionable and functional bag which is not bulky and it is made of thin strips of cotton canvas.

The bag can be used from maternity period to eternity it is big enough for twins’ mom and dad’s essentials to fit in the bag. This is one of the largest and most spacious baby accessory backpacks available right now; it has a main compartment having a zipper and two big side pockets for bottles and back zipped pocket for wet and messy items and clothes.

The other compartment at the front and the interior are also spacious enough for more storage.

The diaper bag is unisex, and is great for those times when dad wants to take the little one out for a daytrip.

Considering the material used to manufacture it for the overall design it has the value of money thus it is affordable for most folks purchasing it.

Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag, Heather Grey

Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag, Heather Grey

It is an updated and redesigned tote with new features that the parents have requested, and it’s functional, and it has a zip-top closure to ensure the stylish belonging are secure inside.

The upgrade was done in the tote handles for versatility and access to the pocket. All the main compartments have zip for closure.

The front panel design allows for more storage and stability when keeping the baby items at the bottom of the bag which is easily accessible. It has two elasticized and meshes side pockets which fit sized bottles it has ten pockets for enough storage.

The signature totebag is patented for security purposes of shuttle clips that convert it from shoulder bag to stroller bag. It is also easily attached to a stroller and has a portable cushioned changing pad and can easily hold tablets, laptops.

Jeep Perfect Pockets Back Pack Black

Jeep Perfect Pockets Back Pack Black

This bag is made of 100% polyester, well organized with clean styling and has twelve pockets for storage purposes.

The front part of the bag has four compartments where one can store the items you require. One of the compartments can be used to store items like keys, diapers, pacifiers and creams and it has a zip.

The large items like toys and clothing are kept in the large spacious compartment. The bottles in the bag stay fresh in an insulated side pocket; it has hard wipes case which easily opens for quicker access to the baby wipes.

The bag has long zippered opening for security purposes.

It has two more other adjustable shoulder straps that attach it to the stroller. It has a button that should be pushed and not pulled so as to use the function as intended. It comes in black and gray colors.

Lekebaby Extra Large Baby

Leke Diaper Bag

The diaper bag is a designer bag that was used for the catwalk and day to day mom and dad need for their baby’s; it is a very fashionable bag.

This designer bag is the most comfortable bag for use and best quality for the customers, and it does not compromise the style by either making it too big or very bulky and heavy...making it unique in that respect.

It has a large capacity with eighteen pockets making it easy to access everything needed in the bag. The bag is spacious, secure and safe.

The main compartment has a zip and two side pockets for bottle and feeding items, and the external pockets are used for wet items. It has adjustable shoulder strap with good value and quality from the designer. It is big enough for twins, and it comes with a matching mat. Grey in color.

How to choose one

It is paramount for parents to have a well-informed decision when they are going to purchase the best diaper bags. Here are some tips that will aid you in choosing a good and reliable diaper bag.

Style And Features

As the client, the diaper bag should have the style and accessories desired, and if it matches the customer preference needed, the features will include:

  • Insulated bottle holder
  • Shoulder strap
  • Wipeable changing pad
  • Wipeable changing pad
  • Easy access
  • Diaper wallet
  • Cell phone compartment

Depending on the style you can focus on different styles such as a messenger, backpack, stroller handlebar or a tote bag.

Storage space

Your diaper backpack should be as to access the interior and exterior of the bag compartments, including having a wipes pocket, (very important in our experience).

It should have enough pockets for, the bottle holder, diaper pocket, toy, clean cloths and a separate pocket for dirty and messy clothing and diapers.

Having sufficient space is ideal for good planning and arrangement of all the baby items.

Ease of use

Is the diaper bag easy for you to use?

You should try the bag before buying it so that you can have full knowledge of its features and how it is used. Have a bag that is easily cleaned up and a long lasting one.

The diaper bag will also matter a lot regarding who is using the bag.

If the bag is for a baby going for a day care, it should have enough pockets to accommodate the many items required by your baby during the time the baby is in the daycare or babysitter.

If you are breast feeding or bottle feeding, then it will depend because a bottle feeding baby requires many bottles for feeding thus enough space for holding the bottles.

Quality and cost

The most important parameter is the quality of the diaper bags; you should know the material used to manufacture the bag. The durability period it can last and the total amount the bag can withstand while it is packed with the baby items.

You should be asking yourself: "what is the best quality and most long lasting diaper bag or backpack that I can buy?".

Are the handles strong enough?

If a customer considers these factors, then he or she will purchase a quality and long lasting diaper bag. The bag should be cost effective to suit your budget.


The bag should be convenient for you if you have a child of special need or twins, for a child with special needs the diaper bag should be able to accommodate all the items needed because a special child has a lot of items needed.

The same case applies to twins you carry things in two thus requiring a big convenient bag. You should also factor in any future uses of your diaper bag.

For example, purchased should not only be used while the baby is young and when that baby grows up it is disposed of. You should also consider what features you may want to consider for 2018 and even the years afterwards.

The bag should have future us like be a laptop, tablet or a traveling bag because it has enough storage space.

Health factors

Because this is a baby diaper bag a parent should consider all the healthy factors about the bag the hygiene of all baby staff, it should not strain the back of the parent carrying the bag, and the straps should have good padding and weight evenly distributed.

Handle Options

Should be strong well- padded and can withstand the weight of the bag and easily adjustable.Weight: While buying the diaper bag check the weight of the bag when empty, a diaper bag should weigh 3 pounds thus should not be too have when it has the items.


The dark colors in a diaper bag should be favorable because they are less likely to show stains or dirt on the exterior of the bag, but the interior should have bright colors to make it easier to see what inside the bag. Most Best diaper bags are produced in black and gray colors.

Finishing Up

There is a variety of diaper bags in the market, so a customer has a wider platform to make chooses of whichever bags makes them happy and fulfills their needs.

The designers and manufacturers produce the bags according to parents want, and they design and redesign the existing ones to make them a bit more appealing to the parents.

The bags are of fashion, convenience, comfortability, style and functional character not to disappoint the client. The preference of most women when buying a handbag is the same preference as the buy the diaper bag for their style, convenience, fashion and comfortability of the bag; the bags can either be a messenger bag, tote bag, sling bag, fashion bag and a backpack bag.

Diaper bags are being manufactured in stylish and fashionable designs for our convenience with all the features and accessories required. All the features and compartment help to maneuver around the bag with ease while looking for an item in the bag.

You should make sure the diaper bag is made of stain resistance material that will last long with several times of washing it, should have enough pockets to store all the necessities required for the baby and also for the mum like, hand sanitizer, snacks, wallet, cell phone, makeup and sunscreen wattle bottle and reading materials.

Also not settle for the first bag they come along but have several choices so as to make the right decision of an ideal bag which is cost effective, comfortable to carry when completely packed, convenient and enough storage space for a special baby with special needs and for twins because they require large storage space.

Most diaper bags have the compartment that can hold a laptop or a tablet and these compartments can be used to carry these items even when the baby is no longer using it.

The advice given to you is to purchase a diaper bag that will have a future use after the baby is grown and no longer use the diaper bag.

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