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It is important for parents to keep both an eye as well as ear on their baby to make sure that they are safe, secure and trouble free. This is especially so for first time parents or those who are particularly new and not confident with keeping tabs on their child.

A baby monitor provides the peace of mind to parents as they can hear and respond to any issues that may arise with their baby from another area in the home. If you possess a baby monitor, you will not need to stay in the same room or general vicinity where your child is playing or sleeping for maintaining close contact.

Furthermore, a baby monitor tools are extremely useful devices especially when your child is facing medical or health issues and requires constant supervision and ongoing care. This article will explain the best characteristics to look for when buying a baby monitor, where you can choose one, and will finally review a range of monitors in terms of their defining characteristics.

How to choose the best baby monitor:

When choosing a baby monitor, there are a number of factors you should consider to get the best quality baby monitor for a reasonable price. These include:

  • Choose 900 MHz or higher frequency model. This is important to consider as it will aid to reduce the overall interference and increase clarity.
  • Consider a multi charge monitor. Good baby monitors will have the ability to be charged and powered both with batteries and an A/C adapter. Batteries are useful when there may be a power failure, but also allow you to move the monitor outside away from the plugged source.
  • Find a model that has a very clear “low-battery" light. This feature is all important when choosing a baby monitor. When they run out, of course they will not work, so knowing when you need to charge up the monitor will help with your peace of mind.
  • Get a wireless model. The use of a wireless receiver provides you the widest range of options for coverage and active listening inside and outside the house whilst you are busy with housework or have guests. The best wireless models also include a belt clip which allows you to carry it around with you, no matter where you are in the house.
  • Is it smartphone compatible? For the ultimate supervision of your child, a smart phone compatible monitor allows you to view your child on the move on your phone.
  • Does it have two-way communication? Some brands of baby monitor have a two-way communication network allowing you to talk to and comfort your child from a distance, especially useful for toddlers.
  • An easily audible device. The best monitors will have a clear clarity but also be loud. The louder the volume on the monitor, the easier it is for you to attend your baby, as you will be alerted sooner if the monitor is at a distance from yourself.
  • A sound activated light can be very useful. The monitor will simply flash when it detects a noise from the room that your baby is in. This allows you to keep track of your baby while you're doing various household activities which may drown out the noise of the baby monitor.
  • Does it have a movement sensor on the device? If the sound fails on your monitor, a movement sensor can provide you with an idea of what your baby is up to. Vigorous movement may convey discomfort, allowing you to assess the situation and get to your baby quickly if needs be. This is also extremely useful for the problem of cot death. Being a serious worry for parents, sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS can be easily checked with a sensor, allowing parents to check the breathing of their child and sounding an alarm if there remains no movement for a good amount of time. This emergency precaution is very highly valued and helps health care professionals get to your child quickly.
  • Consider a standard monitor, integrated with a video monitor. These models allow you to tell immediately at a glance where your baby is still resting peacefully. Check for the best models which include higher low-light quality picture options, thus you can effortlessly assess the situation.
  • A temperature gauge can be useful. If a temperature gauge is available on the monitor, you can assess whether the room is too warm for you baby. If so you can then decide whether to move your child or cool down the room.
  • Does it have a night light? Sometimes a baby may be distressed in the dark, the soft glow of a night light can help your baby drift off to sleep, improving your peace of mind, and meaning you may not have such a stressful time attending to your child at night.

Of course choosing the best monitor heavily relies on the opinion of others. The best way to tell whether a model will be right aimed at you besides your child is through using it yourself. Make sure that models can be tested initially when you plan to buy them from a store. It also helps if you know others with baby monitors that frequently use them. This gives you an unbiased second opinion from someone who uses the monitor on a day to day basis.

Furthermore, online comparison sites allow you to check up on the credentials that each baby monitor brand provides. Not only this, but you can easily compare brands for the best price, alongside looking at the comments sections where reviews by customers often rate the baby monitor in question in terms of its specific characteristics such as sound quality, audibility and battery life. The following will be a range of baby monitors, with their features laid out for comparison.


Baby Monitor Review - Samsung SEW-3043W BRIGHTVIEW HD

The Samsung SEW-3043W BrightVIEW HD Baby Video Monitoring System has a fantastic HD Camera with 5.0" Touch Screen Monitor. The camera is remote with a 300 Pan Angle/110 tilt angle, providing a very wide field of vision within the room where your baby will be sleeping. The overall system supports up to 4 independent cameras. The system includes an excellent two-way talk ability with built in microphone and HD Audio so you can communicate with your child when needed.

The invisible IR LEDS for the Night Vision camera extend to a variety up to 16 ft, meaning that a whole room can easily be surveyed for peace of mind. The soft, calming night light soothes your infant in to a peaceful sleep allowing the parents to rest easy themselves; this is made especially easy with 4 Pre-programmed Lullabies within the system which can be played on demand. Also included are feed timer alerts to help schedule care for your infant. A long lasting monitor battery and long range up to 900 feet provides the owner with great versatility within the home. The monitor is one of the most expensive in this list, however the excellent range of inclusions make it well worth the high price.

Baby Monitor Review - Philips Avent SCD630/37 Video Baby Monitor

The Philips- Avent SCD630/37 Video Baby Monitor provides you with the security of a reliable connection with your infant at all times during the day. This baby monitor provides excellent near perfect sound quality with its high frequency connection, but also you can currently get your baby even at night, with a very high resolution 3.5 inch colour display, besides an involuntary IR night vision built in as standard.

Like the Samsung, you can also calm your darling by distantly selecting multiple cradlesongs and via exhausting the built in soft baby nightlight, aiding your child to a peaceful night’s rest. With a 100% private and secure linking, and a series up to >900 feet, the screen is entirely movable and is very easy to use. The monitor can continue voice triggered activating the show and capacity if your sweetie starts lousy.

There stands a long lasting rechargeable parental unit, besides a partition mountable baby unit. LED lights on the device demonstration you once the unit is related and in range to be used, with a useful holdup cordless purpose in case of control disappointment. The whole unit is easy to carry being portable throughout the home, making it a perfect addition.

Baby Monitor Review - Safe Baby Tech

The Safe Baby Tech has a 7 inch LCD display which is far larger than the competitions providing the appropriate dimensions to be gifted to see your baby in full. This high resolution display monitor supports both a regular day mode as well as modern night vision video mode.

Safe Baby Tech's Video Baby Monitors also come with an auto dim feature for sleep mode feature that allows you to turn off the display while keeping the audio activated. A sleek modern high end resolution screen is framed by a crystal clear bezel, providing a stylish look for any room.

This baby monitor comes programmed with the appropriate set up straight out of the box, with a two way talk feature transmitting clear sound to effectively hear your baby. The monitor also has a lifetime guaranteed warranty, making it clear that is will last for an excellent amount of time, easily enough to see the rearing of your infant through.

Concluding remarks

From our review of baby monitors, it is safe to say that a wide range of attributes are on display. However, from those available the Samsung wins it in terms of all out included features, and for what is on offer, the Safe baby tech monitor is by far the best value.

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