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Most parents assume that the kind of a bottle you select for your baby does not really matter. As much as this may tend to be the case, it is not 100% the case especially in some feeding situations. In some cases, the baby can also prefer one baby bottle to another depending on their feeding preference. Outlined is a baby bottle buying guide that will help you ensure that you choose the best baby bottle for your baby.

  • Bottle Nipple Shape

In most cases a mom who intends on using formula-feed only, nipple shape does not really have to be an issue to consider. But for a mom who intends on breastfeeding and occasionally bottle feeding, the shape of the bottle nipple has to be a determining factor. You may consider choosing bottles that have wide nipples that resemble the actual breast nipple. Some babies have quite a difficult time switching from a wide breastfeeding latch to a narrow and smaller bottle nipple.

  • Nipple Flow Rate

The flow rate at which the milk flows from the bottles nipple matters a lot. Some baby bottle brands even offer nipples designed for different flow rates. In most cases newborns prefer nipples with a slow flow so that they are not forced to gulp down their dinner. Nipples that offer a fast flow can also result to tummy complications in newborns. However, as a mom you need not to assume since not all newborns prefer the slow flowing nipples, you may actually need to experiment with your baby so as to be sure of your baby’s feeding preference.

  • Bottle Materials

There are two main baby bottle materials in the market; glass and plastic. Glass baby bottles are slowly gaining popularity due to the recent revelation that some plastic baby bottles actually contain chemicals that can be harmful to the baby. As much as glass baby bottles are quite easy to clean and are also very durable, they can pose risks of cutting both the baby and the mom in case they break. However, there are some baby bottle brands that wrap glass baby bottles with cushy foam or silicone so as to prevent breakage. If you are still for plastic baby bottles then you do not need to worry about chemicals flowing into your baby’s dinner since there are quite a number of BPA-free plastic baby bottles in the market today.

  • Bottle Shapes and Vent Systems

Some babies tend to swallow more air as they eat as compared to others and other babies are plagued by tummy complications more than others. Babies who are fussy after meals can best be suited with baby bottles that have an air-vented system or angle-shaped bottles. These bottles are ideal for reducing the amount of air getting into your baby’s tummy as they are feeding hence reducing after-meals fussiness. If you happen to select a baby bottle that has a uniquely odd shape, it is advisable to check if you require a dishwasher or if you will need to purchase a special bottle washing brush.

  • Drop-In Bottle Liners

If you barely get the time to wash your baby’s bottle after feeding or you mainly would love to avoid all the cleaning that comes with bottle feeding, then you may need to consider drop-in bottle liners. These are plastic bags that perfectly fit into some baby bottle systems and they can be thrown away as soon as you are done feeding your baby. All you have to do is wash the bottle nipple as well as slightly rinse the other parts. Some babies tend to swallow less air when using this kind of bottle system, so it is also advisable for babies who are a too fussy after meals. This kind of bottle system also reduces the concern about plastic chemicals getting to your baby’s meal.

  • Nipple Material

Clear silicone bottle nipples are better than dark-colored latex nipples. This is due to the fact that clear silicone nipples do not pick up any tastes or smells even after using them for a long duration of time. They also do not carry the probability of allergies like latex does. It is also quite hard for a child to chew into silicone nipples, so they do not pose the risk of choking by chewed off pieces. However, you may need to check out for extra holes on the silicone nipple when your baby starts spouting new teeth; this is due to the fact that some babies can actually chew into silicone nipples after several attempts.

With all the factors stated above, selecting the best baby bottle for your baby does not have to quite a task anymore. All you have to do is ensure that you are conversant with your baby’s preference as well as the required safety and healthy precautions.

Below are some of the best baby bottles on the market.

Playtex BPA Free Premium Nurser Bottles With Drop In Liners Gift Set

These baby bottles are the best for those busy career moms, who are always on the move. They provide essential benefits for both the baby and the mom. They have disposable Drop-Ins Liners that ensure that cleaning and using these bottles becomes a simpler task and also provides the baby with just the comfort it needs to feed. This feeding set contains all you may need to ensure that your baby’s growing needs are all met. It contains two 4oz Playtex Nurser Bottles, two 8-10oz Playtex Nurser Bottles, thirty 4oz Drop-Ins Liners and thirty 8-10oz Drop-Ins Liners.

This feeding set offers comfortable feeding since it contains pre-sterilized disposable liners that are just convenient for a working mom that is always on the move. It also has an optional angled design that plays the responsibility of promoting various semi-upright feeding positions that are recommended by pediatricians so as to prevent ear infections. The bottle is also effectively designed to help reduce colic. This bottle also has a Twist n Click seal that ensures that the bottle is 100% leak proof so as to prevent leakage and spills. The best part about this bottle is the fact that it is quite easy to use for both the mother and baby.

Gerber First Essentials Clearview Bottle With Silicone Nipple

These bottles come with a nipple that has a vented design that plays a major role in reducing colic. This is achieved by the vented nipple design limiting the air amount that your baby swallows.

These baby bottles come in 5-ounce bottles that are packed in a pack of nine (9) and they are also designed in such a way that there is no possibility of nipple collapsing or even leaking. The available leak-proof hoods are available in various colors and are also topped with silicone nipples. The best part about these baby bottles is the fact that they are BPA-free and they are a fit to most breast pumps. These bottles are ideal for encouraging your baby’s safety and development as well.

The manufacturers of these bottles mainly aim at ensuring that your baby is in a position to healthily transition from birth to a toddler.

This is made possible by the fact that their products are scientifically proven to be in a position to healthily support your baby’s healthy and safe development. These bottles are not only easy to clean, affordable and convenient, they are also designed in a such a way that satisfies your baby’s natural desire for sucking due to its soft, natural bulb-like nipple that offers all the sucking comfort.

Dr. Browns Bottles 3 Pack (8oz) Baby Bottles

These baby bottles happen to be the first convertible baby bottles in the market, they can effectively be used with or without a vent system. These new vent systems are designed in such a way that your baby is in a position to grow with the bottle.

These baby bottles are also highly recommended since they offer your baby various health benefits. These health benefits include reducing feeding problems, helps in digestion as well as in preserving vitamins.

Most parents find it an ideal option to get rid of the vent as the baby’s feeding habits continue developing. The nipple venting in these baby bottles plays an essential role in ensuring that the milk is able to flow in a slow pace flow that will not choke the baby and also provides a feeding feeling that is similar to baby bottles that are nipple vented.

These bottles are BPA free and they are also a fit to most breast pumps. The best part about these innovative baby bottles is the fact that they are able to efficiently and effectively cover all parents’ needs. This is due to the fact that these bottles are able to grow with your baby’s needs as well as offer other health benefits regardless of the fact whether your baby is experiencing feeding complications (burping, colic, gas, and spit-up) or not.

Phillips Avent BPA Free Natural Infant Starter Gift Set

These baby bottles offer one of the most natural ways a mom can use to bottle feed a baby. This is a natural infant starter that includes everything you may need to be in a position to appropriately bottle feed your baby or newborn. The set contains 3 4 ounce natural feeding bottles, 2 9 ounce natural feeding bottles, formula dispenser, bottle brush and a soothie pacifier.

The best part about these bottles is the fact that they have wide nipples that are breast-shaped so as to promote that natural latch and ensure that the mom does not have a hard time combining bottle feeding and breastfeeding.

These bottles also have unique comfort pearls that are placed in the nipple so as to enhance nipple softness and flexibility without experiencing nipple collapse. As if all that is not enough, these bottles also have innovative twin valves that are anti-colic newborn flow nipples that play a major role in ensuring that the baby is in a position to comfortably feed and with ease as well. The soothie pacifier is also used by medical practitioners to help in calming down newborns so it is safe for your baby.

It is also BPA-free and is designed to help in ensuring your baby’s natural teeth and gums development. The bottle brush is essential in cleaning those hard to reach parts of the bottle.

Born Free BPA-Free Decorated Bottle Gift Set

These bottles are specifically designed to meet all feeding needs and habits of all babies. They are clinically designed to effectively reduce gas and colic in babies.

These bottles are BPA-free hence a natural and ideal choice for your baby’s safe and calm bottle feeding. The best part about these bottles is the fact the baby is in a position to control the milk flow.

This is ideal in ensuring that the baby gets to experience a natural feeding experience. This not only makes it easy for the baby to switch between breast and bottle, it also makes it quite easy for the mom.

These bottles are not only made from a material that is BPA free, it is also lead-free, phthalate free and latex free. This is to ensure your baby’s healthy growth and development.

What makes these bottles one of the best for babies is the fact that your baby can comfortably and safely drink from these bottles and from any angle without the flow of milk being too overwhelming. However, you need to ensure that you clean your baby’s bottles as soon as they are done feeding since when milk dries on the inner part of the nipple cleaning become quite a task.

Bottle feeding can be quite an easy task for feeding your baby especially if you have tight and crazy schedules controlling your life. However, you need to ensure that you follow all the health precautions required when it comes to feeding your baby. Some of these tips include:

i. Washing your hands before you prepare your baby’s feeding bottle or before you breastfeed them. This ensures that you do not transmit any hand-contaminated germs to your baby.

ii. Thoroughly cleaning your baby’s feeding equipment helps in ensuring that you get rid of any germs that the equipment was exposed to during feeding.

iii. Avoid putting plastic baby bottles into microwaves, dishwashers or bottle sterilizers.

iv.The way you store your baby’s feeding equipment is also quite essential. You can opt to keep them dry so as to prevent the growth of mold or store them in lukewarm water. Storing them in lukewarm water ensures that they do not remain too dry as this can result in easy breakage. If you opt to keep them dry, then make sure that they are stored in a cool dry place.

v. Avoid giving your baby a feeding bottle to suck during naptime or at night. This is a poor parenting habit that can result to tooth- decay.

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